What A President Does When An American City Floods


What John McCain did:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain issued a statement expressing sympathy for the flood victims.

Don’t throw your back out or anything. Damn.

Though I suppose we should be grateful he didn’t offer to bake them something.

It’s easy to forget in the midst of all the nonsense about flag pins and “whitey” and who eats what on his sandwich that we do in fact elect these people to do stuff. I had drinks with commenter TJ the other night and one of the things we talked about was the way people’s eyes opened up, after Katrina, to the fact that all the bullshit they’d been fed for months was, in fact, shit that came out of a bull. That there IS a difference between the parties, that we DO need government, that we ARE one country and not a collection of various taxonomies of assholes, that there are times you need angels to come down from the heavens with righteousness in their wings and say to you, “Sit down, it’s okay, I’ve got it from here.” This campaign isn’t a joke and it isn’t a circus and it sure as hell isn’t entertainment. It’s a job interview, and the job’s pretty critical, so the candidates better be able to prove they can pick up shovels and fill sandbags, and not just serve cake.


ps. By the way, our CURRENT president?Was in Paris, but he’s really bummed, man, he’s like right there with you, so that should make you feel better.

13 thoughts on “What A President Does When An American City Floods

  1. Ah – the let us eat cake picture was the first thing I thought of too!

  2. As I wrote my post on WI flooding I thought if we had a president worth a damn I’d be asking Where Is He? But it’s Bush so who cares. I’m sure he’ll be here next week for his photo op

  3. But Laura said that Shrub suffered most of all??????
    Seriously, I understand Shrub is in France. So who is the highest ranking person he has sent to represent him?

  4. Remember when the head of the USSR, whoever that was at the time, was visiting here and the nuclear reactor blew up? He dropped everything and went home to try to help out. Did you ever in your life dream there would be a day when a US president would look bad compared to a USSR leader?
    As far as the POW is concerned, you did know he was a POW didn’t you, one who was imprisoned for a long time, and was in the military at the time, who was captured and held as a POW, well, like most Republicans he hasn’t got the guts to go where real people gather. One of them might boo or something.
    And, that brings up another question: did you ever dream there would be a day when about half the American voters can’t see a difference between the two candidates so may just vote for the POW, remember he was really a POW, because at least someone will get their taxes cut that way?

  5. there are times you need angels to come down from the heavens with righteousness in their wings and say to you, “Sit down, it’s okay, I’ve got it from here.”
    Fuckin’ right. Ain’t no angels hanging with Little Boots or McSame. Obama’s a better man than the two of them combined.

  6. i never expected an american president who compared to hitler/napoleon/caligula.
    or a retard, but then americans are stupider. or is that the gnews that said georgee was the bestest.

  7. One point in McCains favor – he can’t lift his arms over his shoulders.
    He broke them while ejecting from an airplane, and they healed in a North Vietnamese POW camp.
    Demonizing that man is a bad bad plan people. He deserves a lot of respect (and very few votes).

  8. I wrote that before reading hoopy above.
    hoppy. Seriously. This isn’t sound bytes. That man spend every ounce of his energy (you can tell this because he lived) doing what he thought best to serve and protect our country. “POW” isn’t some abstract notion like a ‘lockbox’ or ‘blah-gate”. “POW” is almost dying because you subverted your will to the national need.
    Say what you will about his policies, votes, and public record of service beginning the VEWRY DAY he entered elected office, but insulting that man or his service is going to backfire. enormously.
    30 seconds with you will push anyone over the wrong sode of the Obama/McCain fence.
    Throwing that dirt will only lose us ground.

  9. Mdhatter, McCain has all of my respect for what he did in Vietnam. He performed above and beyond anything that could be expected of an American serviceman at that time.
    Now, we are seeking a good president for 2009-2013. I just don’t see how having been a POW, no matter how well he handled that, qualifies McCain to be president. And, one thing no genuine hero does is continually point to how he was a hero. McCain fails that test. No man who claims to have “experience” and to be qualified to be CIC, fails to understand the bare rudiments of our involvement in Iraq. McCain fails that test. No man who should be our leader lacks basic compassion for all people, but especially for all Americans. McCain fails that test. I could go on, but I won’t.
    In order to win this year’s election it is necessary for voters to be educated about the reality of McCain. That is not demonizing. That is simply pointing out the obvious. Furthermore, if McÇain lacks the courage to bee among his fellow citizens, and he apparently does, he shouldn’t be seeking the presidency.

  10. Just as a practical manner – the midwest tends to be red states. It would be a bad plan for Obama to say, “I was there. Where were the repubs?” (It would make it look like he was just there to grandstand for the photo-ops.)
    So how can the dems subtly make people think about the fact that Obama WAS here?

  11. “So how can the dems subtly make people think about the fact that Obama WAS here?”
    That’s the purpose of a photo op. I assume the newspapers there had photos of Obama helping fill sand bags, and the TV stations probably covered his actions. That should be all that it takes.
    It is never good for a candidate to point out the obvious, such as that Obama cared enough to be there, but McCain didn’t. That reminding is up to us, in letters to the editor, for example.

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