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  1. BECAUSE IOWANS AREN’T TRAPPED. and cedar rapids is much smaller. and the flooding as extensive. AND THE WATER IS GOING DOWN.

  2. What’s the median income of Cedar Rapids? What was the median income before Katrina in New Orleans?
    Wikipedia tells me that the current median income of Cedar Rapids is $43 704, and the median income in New Orleans in 2004 was $33 591. That looks like abig difference to me.
    Funnily enough, people with more income often have more available resources to cope with things like flooding. Odd how that works, isn’t it?

  3. As I commented earlier – A Hurricaine cuts a swath a few hundred miles wide so that everyone there is in need of help. A flood occurs in the low lying areas so that there are places of absolute safety just a few hundred yards away. There are people who live less than a mile away who aren’t affected. And should I add that there are no chickenS*** sherrifs holding guns on people who are walking on the highway away from the devastation.
    OTOH – should be interesting to see the fallout that the floods are above the predicted 500 year flood level. In general, someone who lives above the 100 year flood but below the 500 could legitimately gamble that the flood insurance isn’t worth it.
    In these floods, there are people who are above the flood maps and therefore couldn’t have gotten flood insurance even if they were the excessively obsessive types who would have tried to insure themselves against a flood which never would happen.
    Not to mention, the global warming and shifting of climate thing. Which we all know doesn’t exist and therefore couldn’t have contributed to this.

  4. what a load of big dog crap.
    perfect illustration of the ‘us v.them’ mentality of the quivering, pink, christian, male power structure that is the GOP.

  5. Hm…let’s to some math…
    Cedar Rapids has an estimated population of 120K, and about 1/5th were forced to evacuate…that’s about 25K people displaced. (Some news stories say about 3000 homes were destroyed.)
    New Orleans before Katrina had about 460K, and estimates say that 1/3rd of that population was displaced…that’s about 150K, which means thatThere were more people displaced in New Orleans than the entire population of Cedar Rapids.
    News reports estimated that 25K ended up at the Superdome and another 20-25K were at the convention center. So there were as many people TRAPPED in each of those places as the total number of displaced people in Cedar Rapids.
    And that’s just New Orleans proper. No, there’s absolutely no reason we should expect the Cedar Rapids flooding to cause less trouble than Katrina…absolutely none. It must be the damn welfare state. That’s the only difference, right?
    (I’m also really pissed at people who complain about the “lazy” people who “didn’t evacuate” and “got stuck at the Superdome”…They DID evacuate: they evacuated to the fucking Superdomelike they were told to.)

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