Your President Speaks! Again!

Today, inLondon, during a preser with British PM Gordon Brown.

It’s A Sicness

It’s hard to take a society that had been ravished [sic] by brutality and convince people to take the risk necessary to work for civil society and freedom for women and to educate their children.

The Fundamental Question Of History Is Going To Look Back On It

The fundamental question of history is going to look back on it, is did we understand the duty that we’ve been called to do, to protect ourselves and hope others?

Holy Crap!™

No, I know there’s a lot of discussion here in the British press about, well, you know, is there going to be enough troops, or not enough troops, and all that business; is he trying to distance this, that and the other — it’s just typical.

The Global War On The Personal Posessive Continues

And I — you know, you obviously are emotional on the subject and I don’t blame you, because the people of Zimbabwe have suffered under Mugabe leadership, and we will work with you to ensure these good folks have free and fair elections to the extent — best extent possible, which obviously Mr. Mugabe does not want to have.

Pledge-Makers, No! Check-Writers, Yes!

And so my message at the G8 is: Looking forward to working with you; thanks for coming to the meeting — just remember, there are people needlessly dying on the continent of Africa today, and we expect you to be more than pledge-makers. We expect you to be check-writers for humanitarian reasons.

The Decline Of The Security Situations

That’s what I’m doing — that as the Iraqis are trained up, as they’re taking more responsibility, as the security situations decline, as the economy is improved, as political reconciliation is taking place, we can bring more troops home.

Be In More Charge

Let them take more — be in more charge of their own security and their own government, and that’s what’s happening.

You Know, Don’t You?

And so, you know, I mean — look, the key thing for me is that I have — you know, is that Gordon shares with me his plans.

There Is No Surprises

So there’s no surprises.

The Pak Government

And so we’d look forward to working — I mean, one thing that can happen is there can be, you know, more dialogue between the Pak government and the Afghan government.

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Pak

And I know there needs to be better cooperation, and there needs to be trilateral cooperation on the border; trilateral being Pak, Afghan and coalition border patrols to prevent people from coming back and forth to cross the border.

He’s An Ideological War-Being

Absolutely it’s necessary if you believe we’re in an ideological war being — the theaters of which right now, the most notable theaters are Afghanistan and Iraq.

There Is Some Who Say

I understand that, because there is some who say that perhaps freedom is not universal.

White-Guy Methodists

Maybe it’s only, you know, white-guy Methodists who are capable of self government.

There Is People Will Say

And, so, yes, I’m sure there’s people will say, they could have done things better here and there.

Medulla Ohmigoddah

So you go around asking nations — by the way, it’s not a problem for Great Britain — so you say to your partners, don’t sell goods; you know, let’s send a focused message all aiming to create the conditions so that somebody rational shows up.

The Six-Party Talks Has

Ed, I just strongly disagree with your premise that the six-party talks has encouraged Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

His Legacy: “A Multilateralism To Deal With Tyrants” – Like Saddam

And so it’s — I said the other day that, you know, one of the things that I will leave behind is a multilateralism to deal with tyrants, so problems can be solved diplomatically.


So if I were the North Koreans and I were looking at Iran, or the Iranians looking at North Korea, I’d say, uh-oh, there are coalitions coming together that are bound tightly — more tightly than ever in order to send us a focused message.

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  1. I look forward to the day when somebody rational again shows up to run our executive branch. It’s been a LONG eight years.
    And if I never hear the “some say” construction for a straw man again, it will be years too soon.

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