Dodd FISA Filibuster Crack Van, Er, Speech

C-Span watch here. Fuck me blind, he’s actually doing it.

Update: False alarm. Dodd gave an absolutely blistering speech, which ishere:

None of our fellow Americans will have their day in court.

What they will have is a government that has sanctioned lawlessness.

Well, I refuse to accept that, Mr. President. I refuse to accept the argument that because this situation is just too delicate, too complicated, that this body is simply going to go ahead and sanction lawlessness.

We are better than that.

And if I have needed any reminder of that fact, simply look to all those who have joined this fight – my colleagues and the many, many Americans who have given me strength for this fight. Strength that comes from the passion and eloquence of citizens who don’t have to be involved, but choose to be nonetheless.


3 thoughts on “Dodd FISA Filibuster Crack Van, Er, Speech

  1. On average, Connecticut’s senators are pretty good, in the same way that on average, Bill Gates and I are both billionaires.
    That’s one heck of a speech.

  2. dr2, as my high school English teacher used to say, if you have your feet in the icebox and your head in the oven, on average you feel pretty good.

  3. Great speech, and it should be the headline news in every newspaper in the nation. But, alas, if it is in any newspaper at all, it will be buried in fine print on page C24.
    Reading that speech I found myself getting so angry I wondered if my blood pressure was going far too high. This US Senator was laying out the case for impeaching the $%##@(* president, in such terms that conviction was guaranteed. But, that *&%^#$@** Speaker of the House took impeachment “off the table”. It is times like this that make me understand the usual method for changing governments in Central America.

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