Evite Loses The War on Ghei

The end of civilization is nigh:

Here at Evite, we love hearing about all the events you’re planning. And we’re really glad to be a part of your milestone celebrations, from special birthdays and baby showers to anniversaries and weddings.

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect invitations for all of your events, big and small. Recently, in response to your requests, we’ve added wedding invitations for same-sex ceremonies. You’ll find them in the “Wedding Themes” design gallery.

The commenters at first congratulate Evite on joining the 21st Century, but then a few start to lose it:

I am very dissapointed that evite has chosen to condone this type of lifestyle by offering a specific evite for this alternative type of event. I will no longer use evite due to this.

Simply Shameful! E-vite just joined the group of companies that contributes to disgraceful behavior.

I LOVE evite and have been using it for such a long time! I must say that I am disappointed by this new design. I support Molly and Nicole in saying that I am disppointed in Evite for supporting this lifestyle. tsk, tsk…

You know, people are going to do what they want to do, no matter what others may say or think, but I’m saddened by the outcome of so many believing that same-sex marriage is of God, even when california has approved it. I do love this service, e-vite, but I can’t support your service anymore, because of my beliefs, this is not a hateful note and I fear what the world is coming too. Those who believe in same-sex think us, those who don’t are all hateful, I am not one of those, I do think you need to read the word of God and find out the real truth in his word. God does love us all and he does not want anyone to go to hell, but it strictly says that those who live for themselves and in sin shall not enter in the kingdom of God. I spoke my peace, just don’t bash me for speaking it, I have every right, just as much as the next guy. I may still use the service, It just isn’t something I believe in, same-sex marriage, that is. Thank you for your time.

It’s like Martha Stewart, Mike Huckabee’s MySpace friends, and the Freepi raised children together, in an uholy (but color-coordinated) group marriage.


13 thoughts on “Evite Loses The War on Ghei

  1. Somehow, I don’t think Martha would like being grouped with Huckabee and the Freepi! 🙂

  2. Simply Shameful! E-vite just joined the group of companies that contributes to disgraceful behavior.
    You mean the group of companiesthat wants to make money off a fairly affluent demographic?
    Why does Teh AntiGhey hate Capitalism?

  3. I’m saddened by the outcome of so many so many believing that same-sex marriage is of God, even when california has approved it.
    I’m not sure she/he means that anything California approves could not possibly be approved by God
    so many people (including the whole state of California) think same-sex marriage is approved by God even though he/she knows for a fact it isn’t.
    Either way, this person is a mealymouthed simpleton. It’s times like this I really prefer the bombast of the the full-on haters who make no bones about how bigoted they are. This kind of passive-aggressive pablum is just a coat of paint. You know this person HATES the queers, wishes they were dead, is totally squicked out by them but instead does this simpering piousness bullshit about ‘hey I’m a nice loving Christian, and I just don’t want you to go to hell. Here pet my fluffy kitty and admire my needlework, I’m the nicest person in the world you know, I wouldn’t hurt a fly…blah blah blah”

  4. I’ve got it!!! To get our country back…let’s do something “rad” by fully legalizing marriage for all adults of any stripe – all of the flippin’ close-minded jack*sses would immediately pack up and leave for the borders. Granted, they would become the new homeless ’cause noone would take them, but hey, their so-called God will provide, n’est ce pas?
    It would be nice, ah, such a dream…

  5. pansypoo may have the best point yet.
    I don’t know any ghey people with that little taste.

  6. There is an argument to be made that God hates California, but since MA isn’t on fire yet I’ll assume it isn’t about teh gheys and teh marriages.

  7. Pansypoo, how else are teh gays supposed to coordinate crazy, messy bachelor/bachelorette parties where guests can change their minds between Maybe and No every single day?

  8. Apparently the needleworker with the mind like a nest of snakes (thanks, virgo) doesn’t get that there’s a difference between religious and civil marriage.
    Bzzt. You fail Government for Beginners. Go back to Remedial Civilisation.

  9. Does evite have Welcome to Hell cards? That’s where they have all the good parties.

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