Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, inNorth Little Rock, Arkansas, during a roundtable on housing assistance.

What We Got

Because we got some people who are — just with some little help, some advice and some counseling will be able to figure out a way to stay in the home.

And Now In The Home!

That’s what Patty bought — she had a home and was very worried about being able to stay in it; got some good advice from Sue and now in the home.

There Is Some Good Programs

There’s some good programs coming out of Washington, all aimed at saying to the American citizen, if you are worried about staying in your home, contact a counseling service, we’ll help you — “we” being the collective group of people there in this business, after all, this is a HUD-funded counseling program; you receive some money from HUD for your counseling.

What He Thinks We Can Get Us

Congress can help, when they come back, to pass a good piece of housing legislation that modernizes the FHA and reforms these GSEs. And I think we can get us a bill.


This is an issue on people’s minds. It’s an issue where there is good help to be had. And so if people are looking for help here in Arkansas, it’s a good place to turn to — Family Services.

There Is Experts

And there are other places around the country where people can get help, where there’s experts that are helping refinance their mortgages or work with their mortgage companies to help you stay in their homes.

The Challenges We Have Got

We’re a country that has overcome challenges before — and we’ve got some challenges: high gasoline prices, we’ve got some challenges in the housing industry.

We Depending Too Much!

We depending too much on energy from overseas; we ought to be finding more energy here at home.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Couldn’t help but notice that several of the trained seal’s “arfs” were on pretending on how much he is helping people from losing his homes.
    In reality, what has he done other than ask the financiers to work with people? Has any help for any of the financial crisis been directed to the end user with little money (as opposed to bailing out the companies)?
    While there are some on the borderline that can find ways out, they are way out on the tail end of the curve. There are so many more that are in way over their heads.

  2. You are amazing… reading/listening to his comments and speeches. I wonder how much brain bleach you must need after a session with the mangler-in-chief.
    I salute you! Thank you for this sacrifice of time and sanity on our behalf.

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