Travel Hazards

Such as being in the airport, and having to watch “American Morning.” Kill me now. We’ve had Glenn Beck on, to comment on the Middle East peace situation and Obama’s meeting with Abbas, and for about two minutes he was given uninterrupted access to foam about how “you don’t meet with people who want to kill you. Hezbollah is evil. Al-Qaeda is evil. You don’t negotiate with evil.” He continued in this vein for a while, then said the Iranians were running the West Bank and wanted to “run all the Jews into the sea and kill them.” Who would want to negotiate with people like that, he asked. Who indeed.

Meanwhile our lovely hostess, who had very nice hair, just stood there in front of her monitor of Beck talking, saying absolutely zip. No question, no challenge, no “you are fucking crazy and have no idea what you’re talking about,” nothing.

The Internet is killing journalism, every day, all the time. Bloggers, writing about stuff online! Anyone can do it! Why, they might actually be wrong about stuff, and there’s no fact checkers! No standards!

If I don’t make it to NY tonight, it’ll be because I’m in the airport infirmary after putting my fist through a wall TV.


9 thoughts on “Travel Hazards

  1. Couldn’t agree more. The mandatory 2 hour wait at airports is terrible for many reasons.
    What gets me are the folks that no matter what the TV is on, insist on changing it to Fox. AAAARRGH!
    You spurred a terrible thought, though. Isn’t the Neocon support of Israel today somewhat a disconnect of the Prescott Bushes of the world supporting Hitler?

  2. Isn’t the Neocon support of Israel today somewhat a disconnect of the Prescott Bushes of the world supporting Hitler?
    No. The Bushes of the world are primarily about power, and five gets you ten the people who were backing the Nazis (and the Fascist movement in general) expected them to win WWII. (If there had been more public support for the Axis on the American side, I can theoretically imagine the US eventually getting involved in the war on the Axis side; the US was selling materiel and supplies to both sides prior to Pearl Harbor.)
    The Bushes of the world are also all about concentrating the power of the state and corporate power into the same group of people, which is why they admired Hitler so much; his government brought workers to heel under the power of a cadre of wealthy industrialists. That’s also why they like and support the current Israeli government — the Israeli right is absolutely dedicated to consolidating corporate and state power, and dismantling all the collectivist and communitarian institutions originally developed and implemented by the early (19th and early 20th C.) Zionists. That’s why the Israeli government is hot to privatise kibbutzim, for example, even ones that are functioning well. The economic dislocations from this policy have been severe — for a while, Tel Avivi civil servants were going unpaid for months at a time, employment is hard to come by, and there’s been a housing shortage there for years. Also, aside from services to assist new Jewish immigrants and succour the illegal colonists (many of whom, incidentally, are far-right-wing American expats), social spending has gone way, way down.
    Another reason the neocons love Israel is that they need the power base of the Religious Right. The Religious Right loves Israel too…in exactly the same way that a ten year old with a sweet tooth loves a bag of candy.
    Also, I think there’s an element of pure ideology going on. A number of the influential American (and Canadian) neocons are Jewish, and feel like they should manifest their policy ideology in Israel. The upside of this for them is that they get to see their ideas in action without ever actually having to live within spitting (or shooting) distance of the consequenses. I’ve been saying for years that any neocon advocating destructive-to-Israel policies out of a supposedly pro-Israel ideology should be forced to go and live in Sderot (within easy and frequent shooting range of Qassam rockets) for a while, and see how they like it when their ideology actually has real consequenses for them. (Right now, I think all they’re doing is a sort of Straussian chessmen maneuver.)

  3. We don’t have cable, so I always feel like I’m on another planet when I’m in airports or visiting family. It’s so disorienting suddenly being thrust into this bizarro world of missing white women, OMG IT’S A TORNADO!, and dire warnings about how your meth addict neighbor is going to steal your identity, then your downspouts, then poison your groundwater right before his house blows up and takes yours with it.
    But the strangest thing is that the war never seems to exist in the cable bubble.

  4. Interrobang – your note sends a chill up my spine.
    In general, I’d readily agree with you that the current neocon / unitary executive is a leap towards fascism. I also readily agree that, for some reason that I can’t phantom, the neocons seem to hold onto theory without regard to how it actually works (and even the “flat earth” theory with Jerusalem at the center of the earth worked pretty good for a couple of hundred years. But their theories don’t even pass the “explosive guffaw test”.). I also might add (and assume you didn’t say for lack of space) that control of the MidEast oil is a stepping stone to power.
    I’m going to have to think about the chilling idea of a family dynasty built around power which shifts their allegiance to any group or idea dependent on whether it could become the face of power. That is plain scary – but unfortunately all too believable.

  5. Athenae,
    look. I know. I’m a junkie too, can’t look away from the news. But trust me. American Morning ain’t news.
    It’s like getting sold a nickel bag of powdered milk and cornstarch, when what you’re jonesing for is straight Colombian.
    The good news is, it’s not really poison. The bad news is, it doesn’t fix your shivering, sweating need to know the real news.
    The worst news of all is, it just adds being pissed off to your earlier symptoms.

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