You Could Have Been A Grown-Up, John

So I’m dumb and naive, and for a few minutes there, I honestly thought we were gonna have a really cool presidential campaign between two genuine adults, butnot so much:

John Weaver, for years one of John McCain’s closest friends and confidants, has been in exile since his resignation from McCain’s presidential campaign last year. With the exception of an occasional interview, he has, by his own account, bit his tongue as McCain’s campaign has adopted a strategy that Weaver believes “diminishes John McCain.”

With the release today of a McCain television ad blasting Obama for celebrity preening while gas prices rise, and a memo that accuses Obama of putting his own aggrandizement before the country, Weaver said he’s had “enough.”

The ad’s premise, he said, is “childish.”

“John’s been a celebrity ever since he was shot down,” Weaver said. “Whatever that means. And I recall Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush going overseas and all those waving American flags.”

Weaver remains in contact with senior McCain strategists and, for a while early this year, regularly talked to McCain.

The strategy of driving up Obama’s negatives “reduces McCain on the stage,” Weaver said.

“For McCain to win in such troubled times, he needs to begin telling the American people how he intends to lead us. That McCain exists. He can inspire the country to greatness.”

He added: “There is legitimate mockery of a political campaign now, and it isn’t at Obama’s. For McCain’s sake, this tomfoolery needs to stop.”

Via TPM.

My interest in John Weaver chiefly stems from McCain’s 2000 run, during which hegot his ass kicked by Karl Rove and the same ten-a-penny fascisti who went on to run our government for the next eight years. Technically, he’s right: it would be possible for McCain to live up to his own hype. It would be possible for him to be the guy he says he is, to stop sucking and lying and bitching and jerking around on the national stage, flailing from one line of attack to another like a brain-damaged pit bull. It’s kind of sad, in that looking at this from the outside, here’s a guy whocould be decent, whocould very easily just be the guy everybody already thinks he is, and justwon’t.

McCain would still lose, of course, but he wouldn’t lose the way he’s losing now, as a kind of Lesser Dick Cheney, angry and whiny and snarly and mean. He would still lose, but he wouldn’t lose the way he’s losing now, as the last gasp of a dying party, unable to offer America anything but “the other guy’s prettier than me. BOO!” I feel Weaver here, a bit: “What thefuck, dude?” It’s got to be hard to watch.


4 thoughts on “You Could Have Been A Grown-Up, John

  1. For me, the burning question is, WHY is McCain doing these things? If it’s because he no longer has Weaver reining in his darker tendencies…well, that’s just scary. If it’s because McCain thinks the lesson from 2000 was that he wasn’t mean enough, well, that’s just pathetic.
    John, you can be a man or you can be a monster. How do you want America to remember you?

  2. I am extremely happy to admit I was wrong when I would have predicted that since Rove worked, and the sheeple were dumb enough to let the dirty tactics work, that politics was doomed to go down that Bushian “downward spiral” (add hand motion).
    It actually looks like the sheeple (except the 20 per centers that listedn to O’Reilley and Limbaugh) have actually started to catch on.
    I’ve got to admit that some of the Hillary Clinton tactics seemed to lower my opinion of her (and guarantee that the possibility of her being Veep was poisoned).
    Now with the dumb commercials that McCain is running (and so easily refuted. Obama didn’t visit the troops showing a picture of him shooting a 3 pointer with the troops) I can only hope that he wins so big that even Florida and Ohio trickery is futile.

  3. 90% of McCain’s reputation is based on the imagination of those who write about him. McCain has been given the kid glove treatment from the first day he entered politics, and has yet to be “vetted” by the press. Now that he is out in public all the time, the true McCain is clearly visible, and it bears no resemblance to the one the newsies built up out of their imagination. But, get used to it. He is very likely to be our president come next January. He does have that all important quality – pale skin.

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