4 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. Holy crap, there really isn’t anybody in the Bush Administration that even has a nodding acquaintance with shame, is there?

  2. Contractor Fraud is not being prosecuted in LA.
    The A/G and the D.A. tell people to report all Contractor Fraud to the The LA Licensing Review Board yet the board does nothing but implement fines & profit from the fines.
    They do not REPORT felony crimes to authorities.
    They do not assist the victims in any way.
    Other states help the victims in civil and criminal but not LA.
    The Inspector General said they do not have the resources to investigate the Contractors Review Board.
    The Attorney General does not want to prosecute.
    The D.A. does not want to prosecute.
    They say an Impostor, posing as a licensed/insured Contractor is
    not a criminal matter. lol what is criminal in Louisiana?
    That $90k in Jeffersons freezer did not belong to me or you
    but Road Home’s buy back plan means that Road Home bought back your neighbors property with their own grant money.
    Is Nagain a silent partner in Road Home?
    $900 million to give out money?
    Seems none of the departments in the city work.
    Ever try to get them on the phone?
    So many on America’s Payroll and no one wants to work.

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