Music Post for No Reason At All

What are you listening to these days that’s blowing your mind?


8 thoughts on “Music Post for No Reason At All

  1. dr2chase says:

    Makes we want to fix the dad-gum formerly-a-stereo in my car.
    And I’m listening to Beirut’s new album (what do we call them, now), and Billy Bragg, and the Raincoats, and X/Knitters, and Manu Chao (also new, but I liked Proxima Estacion better. My daughter calls it “the broken music”).

  2. virgotex says:

    The Mendoza Line. A sweet, and astute, friend has been diligently trying to turn me onto them for two or three years and I just never “got it” so the CDs he sent me piled up, I didn’t even bother putting any of them on the IPod. Then I happened to see that their last ever, as in final, it’s over album 30 Year Low was out in August, so I got it and then, I “got it” and immediately started going backwards through that pile of CDs.
    And,damn, I wish I’d listened earlier.

  3. liprap says:

    Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings’ latest album, “100 Days 100 Nights”, plus a kick-ass promo CD of all the Daptone Records’ artists that came with it, the WDAP GhettoFunkPowerHour. I also got hold of the Fats Domino tribute CD called Goin’ Home, but I haven’t listened to it yet – I’m still enjoying the soul and funk. 😎

  4. paperpusher says:

    Cheri Knight, from her Earle-produced album that I always fall back on, a song about gardening. Former Duke Will Rigby on drums and Knight’s old band, the Blood Oranges, on strings.

  5. TheaLogie says:

    Break of Reality. Where kick-ass rock and three cellos and a drummer meet.

  6. Maitri says:

    New Radiohead.

  7. virgotex says:

    paperpusher, oddly enough, that Cheri Knight cd just came to light in one of the boxes in my garage recently. Hadn’t listened to it in several years. What a strange wonderful album that was.

  8. Allende says:

    What do you mean?

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