8 thoughts on “Music Post for No Reason At All

  1. Makes we want to fix the dad-gum formerly-a-stereo in my car.
    And I’m listening to Beirut’s new album (what do we call them, now), and Billy Bragg, and the Raincoats, and X/Knitters, and Manu Chao (also new, but I liked Proxima Estacion better. My daughter calls it “the broken music”).

  2. The Mendoza Line. A sweet, and astute, friend has been diligently trying to turn me onto them for two or three years and I just never “got it” so the CDs he sent me piled up, I didn’t even bother putting any of them on the IPod. Then I happened to see that their last ever, as in final, it’s over album 30 Year Low was out in August, so I got it and then, I “got it” and immediately started going backwards through that pile of CDs.
    And,damn, I wish I’d listened earlier.

  3. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings’ latest album, “100 Days 100 Nights”, plus a kick-ass promo CD of all the Daptone Records’ artists that came with it, the WDAP GhettoFunkPowerHour. I also got hold of the Fats Domino tribute CD called Goin’ Home, but I haven’t listened to it yet – I’m still enjoying the soul and funk. 😎

  4. Cheri Knight, from her Earle-produced album that I always fall back on, a song about gardening. Former Duke Will Rigby on drums and Knight’s old band, the Blood Oranges, on strings.

  5. paperpusher, oddly enough, that Cheri Knight cd just came to light in one of the boxes in my garage recently. Hadn’t listened to it in several years. What a strange wonderful album that was.

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