Advances, Near Miraculous

Say bye-bye to your monopoly, shitheads.

Read this article.

Thanks to chemical vapor deposition, the rotten motherfuckers of de Beers might finally get their backs broken. And that would be a wonderful thing. Of course, people have predicted the end of their monopoly before, but never because of a change in how diamonds are made. De Beers, assholes that they are, have been very good at buying up supplyand manipulating demand. But when you can grow perfect gemstones in your garage? They’re kind of screwed.

Bring on the diamond microprocessors!

9 thoughts on “Advances, Near Miraculous

  1. pfft. diamonds are death. fuck de beers. tho pansypoo does have her eye on a small gold ring with 4 itty bitty GREEN diamonds. right now $144. waiting for another price reduction. stash it away if any man happens to take keith’s place. use that and some flat silver or cold stack rings to give it heft.
    i watch the 2 diamond lovers in the family with bemusement. suckers.

  2. Marketing will make it all go away. DeBeers is a powerful marketing company.
    Guy giving the woman a diamond. Then the woman finding out that it isn’t a “natural” diamond but a cheap a “fake” man-made diamond. She throws it in his face.
    Voice over. “You wouldn’t buy a fake diamond for the love of YOUR life would you?”
    -DeBeer Real Diamonds since 1888

  3. Buy Canadian diamonds, if you must buy diamonds. They’re conflict-free, mined by some of the best-paid miners in the world, and DeBeers hasn’t been able to muscle its way completely into the Canadian diamond market yet.
    (I was asking my elementary school geography teachers why they were telling me there were no diamonds in the Canadian Shield 25 years ago, before they’d been discovered, because according to everything they’dalso told us about diamond formation, there should have been some there. I feel rather vindicated, frankly.)

  4. That’s quite a detailed question for an 8 year old, Interrobang. 😉
    Although I suspect traditional diamond companies will try to keep their prices propped up, I suspect they won’t be able to. There will be enough “farmed” sold as “genuine” to unsuspecting people that before long folks won’t know which ones they have – consequently they can’t justify the price difference.
    In my own field, I was shocked to see a kids “chemistry set” the other day where you grow some peas, crush them up and electrophorese the peas to extract DNA. (To get enough DNA I’m suspecting that one of the steps is also to increase the DNA by PCR).
    20 years ago, that would have justified you for a PhD. Now it is Mr. Wizard in the middle of Saturday morning cartoons !
    My point being that give it a few years, and you can have all the diamonds you want – a few more years and your dog (or ferrets) will grow diamonds for you.

  5. Oh, don’t let Judi Guiliani hear this – the moment she sees EVERYONE and their dog, ferret, marmoset wearing tiaras, she will vanish in a cloud of dust and diamantes!!!

  6. Reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode where the guys steal a bunch of gold, then cryogenically freeze themselves for years. Then they kill each other one by one so they can all get the gold, and the last one dies trying to buy a glass of water in the desert from a future couple who wonder why on earth anybody would think gold was worth anything.

  7. So if everyone has diamonds, what will be a girl’s best friend?
    Also, isn’t this yet another a threat to traditional marriage?

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