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20 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. “Senator John McCain looks on in admiring wonder as Lindsay Graham comes out of the dressing room in his biker chaps. A salesclerk had to inform him that they do indeed require pants be worn underneath, as this wasn’t ‘that’ kind of store.”

  2. Soprano says:

    Sorry, John, I’mnot going to wear one of those, wetor dry. And certainlynot without panties!

  3. spocko says:

    “What are the wife beater shirts?”

  4. Adrastos says:

    Cindy: “Do you have anything in a D cup? I’m entering the contest.”

  5. slim says:

    “Ooooh, Cindy, can I have one? Please? It’d be so great at the next barbecue – Fournier will love it!”

  6. MapleStreet says:

    The picture on the shirt – is that family values certified for republican parties?

  7. joejoejoe says:

    Nice enough older conservative heiress stuck in a bad marriage to a total jackass.

  8. mdh says:

    “Oooh, nice racks!”

  9. BuggyQ says:

    The caption I thought of is too icky. Still trying to scrub the image from my brain.

  10. hoppy says:

    Hey Cindy! A Buffoon tee shirt! I want it!

  11. Ripley says:

    “You can tell I’m a maverick cuz I’m wearing khakis at a bike rally.”
    “That’s not a changing room I can believe in, John.”
    “God, I hate these fucking people!”

  12. mdh says:

    is that a “Miss Buffalo Chip?” T-shirt?
    (See the vid at TPM)

  13. joel hanes says:

    The Former Pilot in his Dotage

  14. pansypoo says:

    tube top time!

  15. siditious says:

    No more percocet for you, cunt, and whip out that amex so I can get one of these mccain = bush biker tshirts.

  16. here4tehbeer says:

    1. Oh G*d – It burns! It burns! Help me get my pants off, you c*nt!
    2. Oh baby – hit the floor and put some slickum on my hang-down.
    3. It’s something Vitter said we’d enjoy.
    4. Cleanup in Aisle 4…

  17. Anonymous says:

    John McCain: I’ll get you that red one with the c, *, n, t lettering which you can were in the Buffalo Chip contest

  18. Gummo says:

    “I think it moved!!”

  19. King Quaker says:

    Where’s the one that says “I’m with stupid.”?

  20. chuckchuck says:

    John McCain and his cunt size up new wardrobe.

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