20 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. “Senator John McCain looks on in admiring wonder as Lindsay Graham comes out of the dressing room in his biker chaps. A salesclerk had to inform him that they do indeed require pants be worn underneath, as this wasn’t ‘that’ kind of store.”

  2. Sorry, John, I’mnot going to wear one of those, wetor dry. And certainlynot without panties!

  3. “Ooooh, Cindy, can I have one? Please? It’d be so great at the next barbecue – Fournier will love it!”

  4. The picture on the shirt – is that family values certified for republican parties?

  5. Nice enough older conservative heiress stuck in a bad marriage to a total jackass.

  6. The caption I thought of is too icky. Still trying to scrub the image from my brain.

  7. “You can tell I’m a maverick cuz I’m wearing khakis at a bike rally.”
    “That’s not a changing room I can believe in, John.”
    “God, I hate these fucking people!”

  8. No more percocet for you, cunt, and whip out that amex so I can get one of these mccain = bush biker tshirts.

  9. 1. Oh G*d – It burns! It burns! Help me get my pants off, you c*nt!
    2. Oh baby – hit the floor and put some slickum on my hang-down.
    3. It’s something Vitter said we’d enjoy.
    4. Cleanup in Aisle 4…

  10. John McCain: I’ll get you that red one with the c, *, n, t lettering which you can were in the Buffalo Chip contest

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