The Bigots Are Getting Tired

Constant outrage is exhausting:

The Kresta Spencer and Carrie Taylor ad about their upcoming union in Salt Lake City ran July 27 in The Herald-Journal.

Since then, the newspaper has received two letters to the editor (one for and one against), 10 e-mails, several phone calls and four subscription cancellations over publication of the announcement.


Managing Editor Charles McCollum said he was surprised the ad didn’t generate more controversy.

“You would think in small-town Utah that it would be magnified quite a bit, as conservative as we are,” he said.

Emphasis mine.

Via Romenesko.


3 thoughts on “The Bigots Are Getting Tired

  1. The more people fail to generate outrage over such things, the more okay our children are going to be.
    This is a wonderful, happy, positive sign. I knew I liked Salt Lake City for a reason!

  2. Four subscription cancellations?
    Q: What’s left to give you news after you’ve canceled cable AND your local newspaper subscriptions?
    A: The voices in your head, which even the listeners of talk-radio grow tired of hearing about.

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