Yankee (cyclists) Go Home

Chinese bloggers are not happy with US cyclists who wore black masks upon arrival to Beijing:

Now they have a new target: U.S. Olympic cyclists who dared to wear pollution-cutting masks in public earlier this week.

Mike Friedman, Sarah Hammer, Bobby Lea and Jennie Reed have
apologized and said they did not mean to make a political statement
with their actions.

But China’s online bulletin boards are still filling up with
messages calling for athletes to leave. Immediately. “Never step on the
land of China again, American pigs,” wrote one person.

Curious…Are you very interested in this Olympics?

30 thoughts on “Yankee (cyclists) Go Home

  1. No.
    We are lucky enough to have the olympic track & field trials just a couple of hours away in Eugene, Oregon to get our fix every 4 years. But the Bob Costas docudrama treacle that they drown the actual sports in is too cloying to stomach, and the commercials make me want to pull my eyes out with cocktail forks.
    But I may watch the martial arts if I can find them online.

  2. I’m not too interested in the Olympics but I’ve been trying to learn more about China so I’ll probably check out some of the cultural coverage. I’ll watch some of the Olympic soccer but that’s about it.

  3. Nope.
    I love sports, but the Olympics leave me bored to tears.
    10 minutes of actual sports and 50 minutes of ads, bs, and color commentary.
    No thanks.
    And I sure as hell won’t watch the ones held this year.

  4. Besides, it’s all a distraction from the One True Sport:
    Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby.
    If you’re in or near Madison, WI this October, make sure you check out the 2008 WFTDA Eastern Regionals Tournament–Derby in Dairyland!

  5. not in the least.
    i’ve never been interested in the olympics.
    and i am especially not interested in staged events which the american and chinese governments use to eliminate discussion of significant problems in both countries.

  6. China hosting the Olympics proves that the Games of human triumph over physical limits and endurance are indeed a thing of the past.
    Now it’s nothing more than a convention of prostitutes.
    The IOC’s blatant disregard for China’s abysmal record in human rights in awarding them the Games proves the point. The Chinese delegation should have been laughed out of the process at their first application.
    Fuck the Olympics and Fuck China. I won’t be cheering for any event.

  7. Interesting article by Natalie Klein on the Chinese uber security/surveillance push afforded by the Olympic events – it’s at HuffPo and in Rolling Stone.

  8. Okay, I’ll buck the trend here and say I’m quite interested. It’s not the athletes’ fault the IOC decided in their infinite wisdom to send the Olympics to China. And sometimes the Olympics can actually make some great political statements–just look up the story of the 1956 Hungarian water polo team…
    I love watching all the really obscure sports finally get some attention. I’ll be watching as much fencing, water polo, modern pentathlon, and steeplechase as NBC deigns to air.
    And that’s the truth. Pthhhb.

  9. Curious…Are you very interested in this Olympics?
    More than usual…one of my mother’s horses is on the US equestrian team.
    Go Manidiba!

  10. The IOC’s blatant disregard for the United State’sabysmal record in human rights in awarding them the Games proves the point. The U.S. delegation should have been laughed out of the process at their first application.
    : David Aquariu
    Fenced your triceps for the next round of games (fixed your typo)

  11. I’m a winter olympics girl. Summer’s a yawn. Give me figure skating, speed skating, skiing and most of all HOCKEY!

  12. I want to see fencing, diving (local gal Laura Wilkinson!), gymnastics (local guy Raj Bhavsar), and the equestrian events.
    Hey, Spocko – what event is Manidiba competing in? Sending healthy completion and gold medal vibes!!! 🙂
    I don’t care for the fact the host country is such a horrid human rights violator, and even if we weren’t sadly on that list now (thanks bushco) – just our country being so deep in hock to them would look bad to the world – utterly complicit.
    I can’t fault the athletes, though. Not the ones that have legitimately worked their asses off w/o benefit of perf enhancing drugs – this is their dream. Maybe not the dream location (aside from the Panda Research place!), but their dream to be at the Olympics.

  13. A, winter-olymps-wise, I am also all about the hockey…I just wish it was non-professional athletes – y’know…like it USED to be. (points to the Miracle team – I didn’t even care for hockey back then and I was a puck-watching fiend during that game!!!)
    Fellas that play for the love and the gold, not the overblown paychecks…
    🙂 Elspeth

  14. Not in the least. But, I usually don’t closely follow any sports but baseball.

  15. I’ll probably pay some attention to it. After reading Naomi Klein’s article, I think it’s a mistake not to observe this showcasing of the new corporate state model our overlords are trotting out. I want to see if the dissidents can get through. Plus, I love runners.

  16. I enjoy the Olympics when I can watch teams or athletes from many countries and pick a few I especially like for some reason and root for them, even if they are Russian, Chinese, Iraqi, etc. I despise the nationalization of the Olympics, the keeping total scores for each country, the national teams, etc. The Olympics should be, and at one time was all about individual athletes competing against each other as people.
    Today, the only way I can watch the Olympics is to watch what the TV barons decide I should see, most of which is jingoistic nonsense, or an undue concentration on what a few American star athletes or American teams do. If an American isn’t winning, TV just doesn’t show the sport at all.
    So, today, and for the past few Olympics, I have no interest in it at all, other than the women’s soccer teams. And, that isn’t enough to keep me watching.

  17. I think it’s a tragedy that the Olympics are being held in China. Convention of prostitutes, well, ouch, that kinda hurts. Kinda true though sorta. The Olympics were ruined when the spirit of competition was replaced by winning at all costs. When professionalism took over (and why can’t Jim Thorpe get his medals restored exactly?) It’s not the political posturing so much, although giving that quivering and cowardly bunch of stupid old men running China this platform really rankles me, China of the poison food and poison toys and they don’t give a shit about it, as the way the Games have been perverted by every Tom, Juan, and Ngog that gets to shove some body part into the cookie jar.
    And then there’s the teevee coverage, which has sucked beyond belief since Roone Arledge invented the human interest story. Gimme sports, not Oprah, please.
    So, no, I hope to miss as much of the Olympics as is humanly possible, although I imagine I’ll see some of it. And I always root against the US B-Ball team, ever since the pros took over.

  18. Point taken with the typos, Spocko. I’ll save that one for next time. After eight years of Bush, we haven’t a leg to stand on. Bush chastising the Chinese for human rights violations is classic pot calling the kettle black.
    But you missed one typo, it’s Aquarius. I seem to have lost my ‘s’ in here again.

  19. Do not care. I keep hearing about how much these people have trained and sacrificed, and I think “Don’t you have anything else you could do?”
    I try to stay healthy, but I just have no real interest in this whole silly mess. And I hate the nationalistic jingoism that accompanies the Olympics.

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