5 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo

  1. Saw the first Happy Obama ads in CO this weekend during the Olympics (the ones with the “the hands that ________ can ________” schtick). Really nice, really positive, and a pleasant antidote to the plethora of loony loser McCain ads. Finally.

  2. got mcinsain ads here. they tweeked the celebrity ad shorter. but not much teevee. ha! olympics. not that i really watch swimming.

  3. Did Obama also advertise during the opening ceremonies
    Anyone know? I only saw half of it, but I did see a McCain ad.
    I wish they wouldn’t advertise during that.

  4. I didn’t see any Obama ads in the opening ceremonies, and I watched the whole thing, including the first half twice (once FFWding using Tivo, but I still saw pretty much everything–I only do one beep FFWding). I did see one McCain ad, but that’s all, IIRC.
    I saw Obama’s ad during last night’s coverage, I think it was during the gymnastics stuff. And there were about a dozen McCain ads, which just get more and more annoying the more I see them. I gotta hope they have the same effect on everyone else.

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