Pretty America: Idaho Edition

Evel Kneivel was a wuss.

Yep, that’s the Snake River Canyon back there. Pretty striking, no? If only some schmuck hadn’t wandered into the picture. He’s probably a blogger or something.

Regarding Nebraska in my earlier post: That was a joke, people. I’m sure there are pretty things in Nebraska. But you don’t see them from I-80. All you see is corn for 430 miles. And that’s as depressing an industrial hellscape as you’ll see anywhere, Newark included. And there was only one amusing, hand-painted, insane religious sign. One! Come on, America! You can do better than that.

10 thoughts on “Pretty America: Idaho Edition

  1. z’at you Jude? If so, you’re one handsome dude!
    The canyon is more verdant than I remember from back in the “EK jumpin it day”.

  2. Speaking of handpaninted religious nutcase signs, driving into Indiana I saw a huge billboard size sign that just said HELL IS REAL. I certainly hope that wasn’t the tourism board’s idea of a good time.

  3. We had a wet spring, Els, it makes everything look a little greener for a little longer.
    Jude, glad to see you survived your trip through the Reddest of the Red state. Although I’m guessing you were just on the interstate corridor, and the most gorgeous parts of Idaho are not found there. North from that spot, over some hellaBig mountains, beyond the overpriced and snooty Sun Valley, are the Sawtooths and the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return, where you get beyond Pretty Idaho into stunningly beautiful speechless with wonder Idaho.
    Thanks for the picture, though, and the shout out to my state. Nice to see Idaho portrayed without references to either toe-tapping Craig or terminally fuckwitted Bill Sali.
    And the next time you’re through Boise, I’ll buy you a beer.

  4. Hey, A, we’ve got a Hell’s Canyon here, and it’s all about the tourism and recreation dollars there!

  5. Oh, the sign in Nebraska was a giant piece of plywood, painted black. In giant, white, block letters, it said:
    And I thought, “But why? It’s so much fun!”
    Clearly, I will find out about how real hell is someday.

  6. “outlaw sodomy” sounds like a great fetish store name! 🙂 LOL!!!
    Leinie, pretty country ya got there! It’s been so long since the EK stunt, I honestly couldn’t recall just where Snake River was…besides winding its way thru DC, but I guess that’s actually the Potomac…bother!

  7. yes. took road trip to iowa and no interstate to kimballton. but not much scenic. if i had more time, could have done scenic to boulder, but driving mostly at night. off the interstate to FL, but got lost in GA and had to do normal to miami. why i so LOVE detours.

  8. Damn, I gotta get me some Outlaw Sodomy. Thanks for the laugh, Elspeth! Heeeeeeeee…! Now I gotta get the Good, Bad, Ugly theme out of my head. (Wahhh, wahhh, wahhhhhhhhhh…!)
    And Jude, I feel your pain about the icky stretches of I-80. I’ve done the CO to Salt Lake trip too many times, and the parts with the refineries and chemical plants and god knows what else… I try to imagine what those areas looked like before the polluted haze, but it’s hard. There’s a reason I use the term “godforsaken,” and it has nothing to do with the natural state of that region. I don’t think god likes it when we dump trash on his pretty stuff.

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