Happy Democrat Photo: JIMMY! Denver Edition

It will be known Monday night, in his honor, as Jimmy’s Crack Van.

Seriously, all, here’s the Denverspeaking schedule. My tentative plan is to have the van live each afternoon/evening Monday-Thursday so we can all watch and discuss/MST3K the speakers. I’m excited about, obviously JIMMY!, Kerry, Tammy Baldwin, Hillary, Brian Schweitzer and Patrick Murphy, but really, looking over this list, it’s gonna be hard for me to get my ass out of the chair when anybody’s talking (with the possible exception of Harry the Puss).

Thursday night may be the night we test the van’s limits, see if we need to upgrade to a Crack RV or something for the election. We know from 2006 that it can handle about 80 people before it freaks out.

Other than that, you’ll have me throughout the week posting about variouspanels and programming from the Tent and around town. I will endeavor to post only things that let John McCain run the kind of campaign he wants to run, because I care about David Brooks’ happiness.


14 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: JIMMY! Denver Edition

  1. What Athenae says:
    i>Other than that, you’ll have me throughout the week posting about various panels and programming from the Tent and around town
    What we hear:
    Other than that, I’m gonna totally be stalking Chris Dodd and Russ Feingold at various panels and around town throughout the week.

  2. Oooh, A, as you stalk The Dodd, give him our love, hmm-kay?
    Russ, too. And should you see my other boyfriend Sheldon, tell him that FISA stuff is breaking my heart but I love him still.

  3. At one time, darrelplant, the Crack Van was a Cat Bus. Just trying to incorporate all the incarnations of the van into one…

  4. Wow! It is exciting to see MDT as the main time standard on a national release! We Denverites cheer! Most of the time, we have to figure out the time. EDT minus two equals MDT, unless we are on the West Coast schedule when you just have to guess. For instance, the Olympics are live in the east and central, but tape delayed here.

  5. Lady A,
    I bow before thee.
    That is my President. I was proud to serve in the United States Air Force during his term. Lee Atwater, Raygun, Rove, both the Bushes, and the entire GOP can rot forever, and it won’t be enough payback for what they did to this man.
    Jimmy Carterrules.

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