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Update: Van closed. More tomorrow, but damn, did Michelle and those incredibly adorable kids bring the HOUSE DOWN. And I mean nearly brought the house literally down. The Tent was rocking hard tonight. I’ll have even more later on today and what’s going on, and the crack van reconvenes tomorrow afternoon, same Moonbat Time, same Moonbat Channel.


8 thoughts on “Convention Day One Jimmy’s Crack Van

  1. Michelle had both my wife and I riveted to the TV. It was one of the best and most moving speeches I can remember. I had no idea how good she is at public speaking. The two little girls have always been charmers, but the youngest one is really growing into it.
    As I listened I realized just how invested I am in electing Obama. I find I cannot begin to see a way to accept his defeat. So, I did the one thing we all can do, I went to his website and donated another $50, money I really can’t spare, but I also can’t stomach him losing.
    This is a golden opportunity for our country. Let’s don’t blow it.

  2. Okay, but can we get a special edition “boyfriend!” post tomorrow? I mean, seriously — Ted Kennedy. His whole career as a senator makes me misty. Youngest brother with what by all rights was a crushing family legacy to live up to (and a tragic black mark that sent him sideways early on). He has carried the banner for health care, education, the poor and dispossessed for decades without flinching, even though he’s-got-plenty-of-money-himself-thank-you-very-much.
    I mean, seriously — the Kennedys, with all their flaws, put the Bush cabal to shame so badly it’s almost embarrassing.

  3. American politics has become all about the back story. You couldn’t make shit like this up – lives that read like novels, novels about overcoming all sorts of odds, of course, because that’s the story Americans want to believe about themselves.
    You have to grant that McCain has a pretty good one himself. But if he picks Romney, he just doesn’t have the back stories around him to match the Dem’s ones. With Romney and his wife, his stories become a little more Architectural Digest.
    Per Michelle Obama’s speech. Good. Now we know she doesn’t hate America, right? South Side of Chicago success, the life Condi Rice might envy. Certainly not the Bush clan. Cute little kids.
    But with all of this, beware people of any stripe who start talking in vague terms about how things ought to be. No big fan of what Bush hath wrought, but the self help book culture might be about to take over the place.
    See I’m a sinner at heart, and I thought Caroline Kennedy looked hot. Is that wrong? Is that how things ought to be? Shouldn’t I be focused on change?

  4. I have an assignment for you. Find some of these bitter Hillary Clinton supporters they keep showing on TV and find out what the hell is up with these folks. My gut says some of them are paid actors. The others, WTF?

  5. I was looking forward to a bit more fire from Michelle Obama. Family is all well and good, but the family is being destroyed right before our eyes by the course this country has taken. I think she could have injected some fire at this scourge and still maintained her patriotic family stance.

  6. Typical beautiful American mother with two beautiful kids. Did I say typical? They were African-American, and they rocked the house. Not exactly typical, I’d say, nevertheless, it was a lovely picture that made history.

  7. I think I lost an ear ring in the van last night. And possibly a bra…
    If you have these items, leave them in the glove compartment, no questions asked.

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