Google CEO Eric Schmidt PWNS Ted Stevens (R-Tubes)

Speaking in the Big Tent today, Eric Schmidt was asked by Rachel Maddow how he felt when he heard Ted Stevens’ famous “tubes” conversation.

Quoting directly from my notes: “There’s always somebody who’s first. And there’s always somebody who’s last, and I think we found him.”



2 thoughts on “Google CEO Eric Schmidt PWNS Ted Stevens (R-Tubes)

  1. danablog says:

    If you work for Google, why the heck are you wearing a suit? I hate it when people buy into the system. He should be in short pants and a t-shirt and have a bag of Doritos at his side. Semiotics sucks.
    Did anyone ask him about Google being the sort of Mormons of the Internet, keeping track of what everyone views – for purposes of good, only, of course?
    So Google is down with the Dems, and eBay is GOP?

  2. Athenae says:

    Actually, Rachel asked him about that, about how long they keep people’s info and what about a competitor who kept it less. He seemed kind of shocked at the idea.

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