8 thoughts on “Hurricane Gustav

  1. Hi Scout!
    Long time I no make comment.
    My thoughts are with the folks in the way.
    peace to you…

  2. Greetings from Memphis. Maddog, S, Sherman, Louie and I made it to the hotel in record time. (Go Rt 61!) and now I am in the emergency room trying to get these Shingles dealt with. Louie is locked in the bathroom (relax, he’s a cat) while Sherman the bulldog is running around in the room chewing on his Bush squeak toy.
    I’m thinking riding it out would have been easier!
    Here’s hoping Gustaf is as strong as the Republican party

  3. Scout, do you know of some donation places that aren’t the Red Cross or some Church, and I don’t care what church, I am not giving money to a church, I’m sick to death of christianity and islam being shoved down my throat, surely there are other groups that help out in natural disasters that aren’t tied to god?

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