11 thoughts on “Barney Smith Before Smith Barney

  1. Thanks for posting this, A–the Barney speech was one of the best moments of the Thursday night build-up. What a find!

  2. I spent five years in Indiana and I’m praying to God that there are more of these guys showing up at the polls. On the Big Stage, the state went red on election day before Brokaw could adjust his tie. Seriously, they’d launch the election coverage, Brokaw would say, “Before we get going here, we’d like to note that the following states have already been decided. Indiana has gone for Bush…” Then, he’d adjust his tie and get to business.

  3. A, I know you hadn’t made it into the stadium when Nate Fick spoke but did you see any video? He also was one of the “American Voices”

  4. Fuck the media, we’re winning this thing on the ground.
    And who said Democrats hate Heartlanders (whatever that’s supposed to mean to the sick minds of the gop machine)? Seems like Mr Smith was pretty well received, not mocked like a gopper thug would do.
    The media is against us, just remember that.

  5. There’s a lot of “Barney Smith”s out there, a lot of working class “heartland” people who are finally figuring out that Teh GOP is not their friend.

  6. The Barney Smith you all saw the other night is the real deal. I should know. He is my baby brother, and his family is very proud of him for speaking up for what he believes.

  7. Barney Smith is most certainly real. He is just a common, hard working, ordinary man who finally got a chance to tell his story to the nation. And my aunt is correct, our entire family is very proud of him for standing up for what he believes in. I am proud to say I am Barney’s niece.

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