Epic Fail

I’m being a pessimist this time around. I really am. I believe that with the cable gasbags’ help, McCain can in fact win this election. I believe this because I watched 2004, I watched 2000, and honestly, while it’s becoming increasingly difficult to resist the intoxication of hope, I’m trying as best I can.

But even I’m surprised at how hard they’refailing:

McCain’s position on contraceptives and teen pregnancy issues has been difficult to judge on the campaign trail, as he appears uncomfortable discussing such topics. Reporters asked the presumptive GOP presidential nominee in November 2007 whether he supported grants for sex education in the United States, whether such programs should include directions for using contraceptives and whether he supports President Bush’s policy of promoting abstinence.

“Ahhh, I think I support the president’s policy,” McCain said.

When reporters pressed McCain whether the government should provide contraceptives or counseling on contraceptives, he replied, “You’ve stumped me.” McCain said later that he was sure he opposed government spending on contraceptives.

The McCain campaign on Monday did not respond to repeated requests for information.

Over/under on how long it is before the standard line becomes “the scandal-plagued McCain campaign:” 15 hours.

And then there’s this, which makes me want to throw up. I don’t care how hard up you are for votes, I don’t care how far back you are in the polls, as a human beingyou do not do this to the people you love. They called his wife a crazy drug addict and his daughter illegitimate. You do not then invite them into your home for dinner. Good God. They reached rock bottom, began to dig, hit a wall, and turned right.


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  1. Nevertheless, I see many opportunities right now. I think the Palin choice is one more way to tie McCain to Bush. Bush made an impulsive choice of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court, and that choice went down in flames. Now McCain does the same with Palin.
    Do we really want four more years of this kind of gambler mentality? America’s future is too important to risk on a crap shoot.

  2. They called both her and her husband racists. They recycled all the personal and sexist rhetoric of the right wing against her. They dismissed the importance of the votes she won, and called it towering ego that the candidate with half the popular vote should have her name placed in nomination as a symbolic gesture and acknowledgement. Etc.
    And not only did both she and her husband stand up and give rousing speeches of support, they are actually actively campaigning for those who smeared them for their own purposes.
    Man, there’s a whole lot of shocking behavior going on!

  3. Palin was not an impulsive choice. Palin was a choice forced upon him by the Christian Dominionist “Evangelicals” who actually run the Republican Party these days (McCain wanted Lieberman, who is anathema to the Fundies). And they are properly ecstatic about it.
    This country’s political environment has turned into a Dali nightmare, where supposedly-solid and well-defined “bedrock principles” blur and run like water. Somerby has already conceded defeat and looks to the Chinese as the new world leaders.

  4. I remember thinking, “What if I, as McCain, found out the name of the person who was responsible for setting up the push poll stating ‘If you knew that John McCain had a black child out of wedlock would you be more or less likely to vote for him?”
    This SHOULD be McCain’s “Dukakis responds with no emotion about his wife’s rape” moment. But instead this is being spun as “These people are like nasty lawyers, when you are on the other side of them, you hate them, when you want to sue someone you want them on your side.”
    But it would really be nice to ask this question.
    “Sen. McCain do you now know the identity of the person who ran the push poll attacking you and your wife for adopting a black child with the misleading statement that the child was out of wedlock? My understanding is that you do. Is that correct? This person was hired by you recently. In your conversation with him did he reveal who suggested that push poll and who paid for it? Okay, so now know that Karl Rove suggested it, the Bush campaign paid for it and the guy you recently hired implemented it. Based on this new information why have you disrespected your wife and daughter so much that you have invited these people into your home and put them on your payroll? Is it because you approved of what they did to you? Or are you planning to let them use the same tactics they used on you against Obama? What does that say about your values? Will you engage in the same nasty tactics used against you in 2000? If you could talk to the John McCain of 2000 would you tell him who did this to you and more importantly reveal to the rest of the world the nasty tactics used by George Bush and authorized by Karl Rove? Would that John McCain say, “If I ever find out who the SOB is who did this I’ll punch him in the nose!” Or would you say, “I admire what he did to me, my wife and daughter and as soon as I can I’ll hire him!”
    President Bush pretended that they knew nothing about it. Does it bother you to hug the president knowing now what you didn’t know then? Or DID you know then?”
    Mike Dukakis was vilified for not standing up strongly enough for his wife. Why aren’t you standing up for your wife and daughter? Is being president more important than them? Would Mike Dukakis hire the person who raped his wife? It appears you are hiring the person who attacked your wife and child, why is that?

  5. It appears you are hiring the person who attacked your wife and child, why is that?
    The real reason is because power comes before a mere woman to a modern Republican, and besides, IOKIYAR.

  6. Even more ironic, McCain’s opponent has again gone on record saying “Families, especially children, are off limits.”
    So, McCain has given less thought to protecting his own family than his opponent does.
    And you asked the bingo question:
    If he can do this to his own family, what concern does he have for Obama’s wife and kids?
    This is the kind of thing we should keep watching in this campaign because McCainCo are clearly their own worst enemy. Thus far, ObamaCo has done a fairly deft job of sidestepping them and letting them show theirselves in their own worst light.
    If we judge them by the things they use to fight Obama, or appear to be getting ready to use, they will indeed come out looking like people who will do anything to win.
    Of course, the downside is that this may appeal more to the American public than the guy running the positive campaign.

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