The Vultures Are Already Circling

Romney sticks the fork in:

While Romney wished McCain and Palin well, his friends and advisers say if they fail in the general election, Romney is primed — even anxious — to mount a second bid for the White House.

He left himself some wiggle room Tuesday, saying, “That’s not in my mind; that’s not in my plans.”

Now, Romney can again concentrate on the presidency, even as he buffs a veneer of support for the McCain-Palin ticket with his speech to the Republican National Convention on Wednesday.

Indeed, Romney’s stumping for McCain in recent months has also served to maintain his visibility and future political viability.

Damn, at least wait until the convention’s over. Sheesh.


7 thoughts on “The Vultures Are Already Circling

  1. Shorter Romney: “I support John McCain because he’s the best chance I have of becoming president in 2012!”
    They smell blood in the water. Palin’s choice was just one more example of that.
    And lest any of you take me to task for being overconfident, let me offer this: I think this is a situation where the more confident we are, the more we make clear to those around us that we truly believe our candidate is unstoppable, the more likely it is that we’ll see that come true. Let our confidence erode the Republican confidence, and maybe, just maybe, a few more of them stay home on election day.
    That helps not only our presidential candidate, but all the down-ticket candidates.

  2. The first sentence out of Romenys mouth after Palin was chosen was “I am not seeking a cabinet position, nor would I accept an appointment”.
    That’s change I can believe in.

  3. “Let our confidence erode the Republican [faux] confidence…”
    Amended and agreed.

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