10 thoughts on ““This is what America needs to see, this is happening in your back yard”

  1. The GOP now has their own version of the Heineken Guy.
    I presume the Gustav posturing and preening is over? I’m without electricity–as is more or less the entire Baton Rouge metro area (approx. 600,000 people) and can’t tune into the hatefest coverage.
    Oh, for the record, no, it’s not like the flooding of New Orleans in 2005, but it’s no picnic either: there’s a LOT of structural damage and fallen trees. I’m counting my blessings in that I only lost a few roof shingles…am hoping my electricity is back by the weekend…it’s still a Louisiana summer.

  2. Brilliant – even above their usual standards.
    In follow up to Gustav, I am somewhat bothered that it appeared in media that the levees were just barely “big” enough for Gustav, and the numbers I’m seeing on Gustav aren’t that big (cat 2, etc. )
    As Cat 2 is a pretty frequent event, are they starting to analyze if the levees are enough for a 10 year flood / 100 year / 500 year?

  3. The footage I saw of the overtopping at the Industrial Canal certaianly suggests that the levees and floodwalls along that waterway are barely adequate, MapleStreet.
    If I remember right, floodgates were built along the entrance to the 17th St. and London Ave. canals, but not the Industrial…I’m not sure why. Presumably the closed gates kept water levels lower.
    More important, though, is that–again–you have a case of a storm NOT directly hitting the city, but sideswiping it. A direct hit would’ve really been a disaster. Shoot, like I said, it’s no picnic for those of us up here in BR…and it’s gotta be worse for residents of Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes.

  4. @Jude,
    In my daily DS email, the header today was“The Best F**king News Team Ever”!
    That ’bout sums it for me! 🙂

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