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ABC News has an article on how NOLA bloggers and many others used Twitter during Gustav to stay in touch and pass along information. There are many quotes from the lovelyMaitri in the article.

The Chicago Tribune hasan article as well on the topic from their reporter who twittered under the name GustavReporter. The body of work from GustavReporter is atChiTrib here.

6 thoughts on “Gustav Twitter

  1. GustavReporter rocked, from what I could tell. Interesting to watch how they intereacted with the NOLA folks, getting and giving information
    People scoff at Twitter, but this weekend, with the hurricane and the police state crackdown in M-SP, Twitter was where the news was. It was like reading stuff as it came off the wire. And a lot of that stuff never made it to the networks, or if it did, they got it from twitter.

  2. The Tweeter Tube RAWKS big time! It should be like American Express for anybody online now: don’t leave home without connecting to it.

  3. I just want to say that Maitri’s quotes are BRILLIANT!
    They don’t just talk about Twitter but cover Rising Tides and what the NOLA blogs have done. She even gets in a comment about income inequality and race.
    I hope she will get more interviews with the MSM because of this piece. She did an excellent job.
    One thing that always frustrates me is the way that the media pick people at random to talk about an issue and if those people aren’t used to talking to the media the media they can’t get their messages across. It’s HARD to stay both on topic and remember to get your other messages through.
    I know lots of really smart people who can’t do what Maitri did. It has to do with both understanding what the press are looking for and remembering what you want them to know. They aren’t always the same thing. ABC could have done one of those “we talked to these silly people about these silly tweets” stories if they had talked to Maitri.
    Brava, Maitri. Brava.

  4. I told the interviewer that income inequality is more prevalent than racial inequality in this town. Aside from that, I know that African-Americans, at all income levels, use text messaging on their cellphones. They just haven’t latched onto Twitter as a social messaging tool. Somehow, the subtleties of that message were lost in the mix and, to me, didn’t come out right in the article. Regardless, breaking down the digital divide is crucial to this town.

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