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  1. They’re just trying to get the crazies to react.
    We need to double-up on the non-violence, and triple up on the non-violence trainings. If you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend it.

  2. Wow, stockily-built cops on toothpick legs – steroid abuse anyone? Blackwater plants in blue? I hope it doesn’t take another Kent State-type tragedy to wake folks the hell up.
    Why don’t people think for themselves??? Is it that hard??!?! Reality bites, but we can make it better if we don’t hide our heads in the sand!!! Goddamn I am sick of the idiocracy. If we would all remember we are Americans not just parties factioned by the machine, we could end all of this shit!

  3. The only thing I would add to what mdh said is that these violent tactics also serve to suppress the urge to express even peaceful political opinion in the public square, which at one time was considered the central thesis of the American ideal.
    Of course, as the Republican Party rapidly transforms into The Christian Right Party, free expression and secular Liberty becomes more and more anathema to the central doctrine.
    In addition to the nuclear clock, I suggest a theology clock. I think we just advanced a few minutes. At some point they will have to do something about that pesky Constitution thingy. Oh, that’s right. It’s subversion is already underway. Tick. Tick.

  4. …and as the Christian Right Party appropriates the mightiest military on Earth…
    Jeez, I’m depressing myself. Back to the snark cave.

  5. Ok Ok, it’s its instead of it’s (insert traditional lack of coffee statement)…now, onward to the cave.

  6. Ok Ok, it’s its instead of it’s (insert traditional lack of coffee statement)…now, onward to the cave.

  7. A friend of mine made two comments, both prescient, that apply to this situation. He said, “We live in the politest police state in history,” and “This is the kind of thing that breeds violent Marxist revolutionaries.” He’s not advocating for any such thing, just observing (in this case, in the context of insurance* companies pulling out of the Gulf Coast area and New Jersey) that if you cut off a person’s ability to play by the rules and be productively included in the social contract, they have very little incentive to abide by your social contract. I think the same thing goes for non-violent protesters getting their heads crunched in the street. (Holy squid, it’s like1968: The Sequel, and MAN does the casting suck!)
    For those of you hardcore radicals who might be reading, my friend also said — ditch your bug-out bag. Seriously. If you’re facing immediate, unannounced search, and/or have reason to believe you might need to be running from the cops/the feds/whomever on short notice, don’t keep a bag packed; keep a mental list of what you need to take, and where it is, and don’t take much more than the clothes on your back — and when you get out, go immediately to the seediest Goodwill you can find, leave your clothes, and buy new ones. The thugs can’t put a transponder in a bug-out bag that doesn’t exist, and bugging possessions you’re no longer carrying doesn’t tell them where you are… (Yep, itis time for some of you to bethat paranoid. Good luck.)
    FWIW, Elspeth, some of us are stockily built and have toothpick legs naturally. The only steroids I’ve ever been on are hydrocortisone and a prescription nasal spray…

  8. While I agree fully that teeth are a big part of one’s appearance – and that we judge people by appearance – I’d like to add that it is increasingly recognized that dental health plays a huge role in influencing physical health also. For example, connections between gingivitis and heart disease.

  9. Interrobang, my comment was not to you about your appearance, but the overly thuggish “peace officers” harrassing the protesters in the above photo. I hadn’t a clue as to your appearance and why would you think I was picking on you?
    I live in the Houston area and see either grossly overweight cops that are an embarrassment to the uniform (physical fitness standards are obvy only for recruits) and the wanna-be mercenaries that always wear their Blackwater-dress-up fatigues and have the above imposing body type. I have only seen a few beat cops that are actually athletically built and proportioned that appear actually helpful beyond directions to the local donut shop or steroid fixer. As to their inner-workings of keeping the peace or tasing you because they feel like it is unknown. I try not to deal with them.
    I don’t know how it is other places (aside from New Orleans) but from all the side street speed traps that are overstaffed by boys/girls in blue (try 5 in one small area…!??!), I get appalled thinking of the perps that are breaking in/molesting folks in the meantime. Oh, but by golly, HPD WILL make it’s non-existent-shhh! quota of speeding citations. Maybe if I saw just how ‘successful’ such a dragnet of leadfoots on a regular basis is for catching wanted suspects of a dangerous nature, I may change my mind. But until then, I am exceptionally cynical.

  10. Well, I think the only response to this is more protesting. Peaceful, yes, but lots and lots of protesting. And big ones. In every city in America.
    You guys want to stop protests? This shit is NOT the way to do it. Governing well is.

  11. They desperately want to recreate 1968, because for most of them 1968 was the year the Democrats self-destructed and “Conservatism” won. 1980 was just a confirmation of that. Since the Denver Dem convention didn’t turn out as divisive and controversial as they had hoped, they are trying to make their own convention into a recreation of the 1968 Dem convention complete with hippie marchers being arrested and brutalized and everything. The authoritarian “law-n-order” types love to see blonde hippie reporters get pepper-sprayed.
    The protestors shouldn’t picket the Rep convention and make it easy for the cops to make a big show of arresting them; even nonviolent protests will be seen as DFHs getting their just desserts when they get maced, tased and arrested. They should instead go to the place the bridge collapsed and have a big informational rally about that, or surround the Mall of America and have a big Progressive rally in the parking lot, or something like that. Go where the cops aren’t. Take the coverage away from the Rep convention, show how irrelevant it is to what’s really going on in the country and how out-of-touch the GOP really is. The more the case is made that the Republican Party is the party of the aristocracy, the better it will be for Dems.

  12. AAAARGH – obviously I got my above comment on teeth on the wrong thread. Of course, that was in response to the thread on dental health.
    ON the above police photo, I’m inmpressed that it seems almost like the cops are aiming at the guy with the camera. He’s in the back, he’s taking photos. Why would you want to take him out unless you fear the photos?

  13. The scariest thing about this is that it took place in Minnesota, which is practically Canada South. Thuggish police just don’t seem to belong there. Maybe they imported them from Chicago?

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