42 thoughts on “Sarah Palin as McCain’s Veep

  1. All I can say is:
    Is that the best you got? A governor from Alaska? Sweet mother of fuck. Did Mark Penn go to work for McCain? Is his strategy to pick up the largely mythical PUMA vote?
    I’m liking this more and more.

  2. Oh, just saw an AP report that “Hurricane force winds” and heavy rain are pelting Phoenix – apparently Gawd doesn’t care for McCain’s pick.

  3. I guess when the Republicans were talking about the post-convention 15 point bump the Dems were going to get in the polls, they knew something we didn’t.

  4. Remember how everybody was saying the Biden pick was weak? This has been another edition of Republican Projection: It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!

  5. Jude, a little emotionally gobsmacked (and the sleep deprivation’s starting to hit). And not wanting to leave Denver. It’s been so amazing here. SO AMAZING, and not just Obama. The state bloggers I’ve met have been outstanding, the people are incredibly nice … I feel like it’s the end of summer camp and I have to leave all my friends.
    I am, however, fired the fuck UP about this election, which I wasn’t before.

  6. i literally fell out of bed laughing when i heard the announcement.
    now i AM fully expecting they’ll start touring together in a klown kar.

  7. So McCain picks a cougar, yet someone old enough to still make him look young.
    And from Alaska. Home of Ted Stevens. The state that has its finger on the pulse of the nation. Also, someone who will readily give the OK to drill into Alaskas wildlife preserves.
    I was kind of hoping for this. I predict a Mondale/Ferraro fiasco.

  8. at least it isn’t kay bailey hutch. ick poo. but palin? they REEEELY had to look for somebody fresh. but she IS perfect for Fux gnews.

  9. I puked a little in my mouth when McCain mentioned to the Dayton crowd how Palin and her husband were both union members. I’m pretty sure that McCain has voted against every piece of legislation favored by unions in the last 20 years. And the United Steelworkers endorsed Obama. But your VP’s husband is a member so good for him.

  10. I will say this–this selection does make it a little more difficult for Joe Biden to kick ass in the debates. He’ll have to be careful not to look like he’s beating up on the wide-eyed puppydog.
    But I suspect Biden is up to the task.

  11. BuggyQ – Biden isn’t debating Palin, he’s debating whether Obama or McCain would make a better President. Biden has already passed the “I’m up for the job of VP” test. While Palin is taking that test in her VP debate Biden is free to gut McCain. Be nice as pie to Palin but address all of your comments to John McCain himself.

  12. So when the rags get a hold of the fact that she was Miss Congeniality, whatcha think her nickname is going to be when she overcompensates?
    The issue with the public safety commissioner investigation should be interesting, if it isn’t completely squelched.
    She OKed several oil production bills for the north slope, her husband works for BP, her son is being shipped to Iraq on September 11th of this year (What astounding timing), annnd she hunts! (She and Cheney can shoot each other in the face for a while in their free time after she loses the election.)
    Wow. She’s just one of the boys. One of the evil, evil boys.

  13. joejoejoe: But what of the time honored tradition in the Veep debates – The Feats of Strength? I was looking forward to seeing Miss Congeniality go blind with rage, attacking his podium while bellowing “PALIN SMASH!”

  14. Palin could probably kick John McCain’s ass but not Biden. Biden looks like a pretty fit dude. He’s got Dad power. McCain has Granddad power which means he needs your help opening the pickle jar.

  15. I’m tellin’ ya, Pompeo, it’s only a matter of time before we start to hear the rumors of an affair.
    It’s McCain’s MO.

  16. I just heard my local noon news on tv and after the anchor said “some are saying Palin lacks experience” he continued (and this is no joke) by saying “But she has 5 children and that must count for something.”
    He said it with a straight face. Gawd, I can’t tell tell reality from parody any longer.
    The new American Dream: be a mother and you too are qualified to be President of the United States.

  17. gyma, it’s not even so much that, as that if a Democrat used that line, the ridicule would be remarkable. Double fucking standards. Watch for them to go nuts at any criticism of her being sexist, while throwing the nasty book at Hillary for the last 20 years.

  18. She hunts bears for gods sake. http://www.grizzlybay.org/PalinBear.jpg
    If we don’t hear the usual rabble of conservative pundits spouting about how she’s not the stereotypical woman, or the jokes about how she’s a ballbuster, or wears the pants, etc., then we can have a field day.
    There is so much wrong with this VP choice that I actually cheered when I heard it. She’s a heartbeat (or a heart attack, in McCains case) from the Big Seat, and she doesn’t have much in the way of experience. She isn’t going to win any PUMAs (or many, just the insane ones) because of her stance on roe vs. wade and fair wages… she’s up to her neck in Oil PAC’s money… he couldn’t have chosen a worse VP. Well, okay, maybe Lieberman.
    Still, it’s gonna be a fun campaign.

  19. Ignore Palin, double down on Bush-McCain. That’s my advice.
    She’s really NOT the droid we are looking for. This is GOP mind trick.
    And she’s plenty experienced (similar to Kaine or Schweitzer), she’s just oh so wrong.

  20. It just occurred to me that this is the high point of a grand McCain “Fuck You” to the Republican Party and the Fundies that screwed him over in 2000 and ever since. Now that’s some mavericky goodness I can get behind.

  21. I can’t wait to see Palin’s intro video next week – her hunting moose, the kids, the lug of a husband, her on her two Black Berries on the way to hockey practice.
    Rememeber, it’s all about the back story, baby – and McCain just got himself a doozy that the God squad will love and to which suburbanites will be able to relate.
    Of course, Mc Cains’ sister-in-law ain’t voting for him, but who can’t relate to that. It’s like Dynasty but in Phoenix.
    Don’t fool yourselves, though, doe-eyed Dems. McCain can and probably will win this election.

  22. jimmiraybob – Palin is a creationist pro-life Buchanan supporter. It’s not a thumb in the eye of the fundamentalist wing, it’s a tip of the hat.

  23. Deep Thought:
    The party who was ragging on Obama as an American Idol contestant just picked a beauty pageant winner for veep.

  24. I kind of like that McCain is the Whore of the campaign. I can see him as a tranny on K street trying to turn tricks.

  25. Fuck McCain’s Ho’s. I recorded Obama’s speech and will replay it over and over for the next week. Lalalalalala.

  26. And Palin looks more like Evangelina what’s her name, the porn star. Which is appropriate, since she wants to fuck 95% of the US population.

  27. At this point I may just be yelling into an empty room but I just can’t resist.

    It just occurred to me that this is the high point of a grand McCain “Fuck You” to the Republican Party and the Fundies that screwed him over in 2000 and ever since. Now that’s some mavericky goodness I can get behind.

    Posted by: jimmiraybob

    jimmiraybob – Palin is a creationist pro-life Buchanan supporter. It’s not a thumb in the eye of the fundamentalist wing, it’s a tip of the hat.

    Posted by: joejoejoe
    Joejoejoe – Since my first comment was typed as my brain molecules were aligning to form the idea – first draft – I had to think it through a little to see what the hell it was that was occurring to me. I just got back from a nice bike ride to clear the brain and had the luck of listening to a taped replay of McCain this morning on Faux News – very interesting.
    As it stands now, I think that the big Fuck You hypothesis stands. It’s a reckless, wild-ass, seat of the pants, mavericky roll of the dice move to choose McMooseburger. Given Palin’s almost non-existent credentials to be VP of the nation but her outstanding Christian, homeschooling, anti-gay and anti science/creationist values, he’s given the hard-core, right-wing Fundamentalist Evangelical base exactly what they want; the base that the whole Republican party has become dependant upon – for all intents and purposes the Republican party has become the Christian party – I was listening in on a local Christian station yesterday featuring Focus on the Family and they are ecstatic. One FoF guest was also talking about the great gains that they’d made in shaping the Republican party platform for this year. I haven’t read it yet but I can only imagine. It’s as near a takeover as can be without yet making the name change. And, to my delight, I was rewarded for listening with a nice fake James Madison quote – but that’s another story.
    At the same time, he’s really playing up the aspect that she fought hard against her own party as being one of her most powerful attributes; she tore her own party apart to “fight the corruption.” Chances are, it was a local party battle for power amongst opposing groups and only bears some surficial resemblance to doing anything about corruption. And, the party bosses know the real story.
    McCain’s cast it all to the wind and is praying for God to sort it out. He’s caved to the pander rhetoric. He’s said, “OK, if that’s the way the party wants it then here it is.” He’s put all his chips on red 29. Unfortunately, the casino’s interests are in the marble landing on any one of the other slots. The casino is the American people and the other slots are their actual interest. And, given their views of right-track, wrong-track, those are odds that are stacked firmly against McCain and his party. Also, his message just got that much more confusing to his own party people. If I were a Republican party big wig I’d have to wonder if the McMaverick express was heading straight for me. Is McCain really going to clean out the party? I mean really. If corruption has another name it’s Republican party. Yikes.
    So, to sum up. He’s called the party on the Fundie pander by giving them someone completely unqualified as VP pick that appeals to an overall narrow party base (the true fundies beyond all reason) and at the same time told the other part of his party that he’s coming for them. It may all be bullshit but it’s all very confusing and there’s only a couple of months to smooth things over and come up with a coherent message.
    So, the big “fuck you?” They won’t win. And John McCain will have sold them the rope. And, he’ll still be a loveable mavericky senator with a fine retirement to look forward to. Nice move. Very well played sir.
    Of course, the big test of the hypothesis will be the election. If I’m right and they lose a new theory will emerge: The McCain-Palin Theory of Party Implosion Dynamics.

  28. “The McCain-Palin Theory of Party Implosion Dynamics.”
    I should say of course, that those in the know will forever refer to it as the Big Fuck You Theory.

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