Second City Blues


The Quad on LSU’s campus.

Morning, y’all…to be honest, I wish I could offer my .000002 cents worth on Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech, the GOP hatefest in general, or even what I read or watched on tv last night. But instead, the cat and I did our best to not expend too much energy–you see, it’s still a Louisiana summer, and, high ceilings or not, it’s pretty hot and humid without fans or electricity.

And dear leader actually gets it, for once:“One of the key things that needs to happen is that they’ve got to get electricity up here inLouisiana,” Bush said.

What genius, eh? Next thing you know, he’ll suggest clearing debris from the road will assist in transportation and general commerce.

Interestingly, the visit itself was barely noted–maybe the media finally realized that the public’s had quite enough of this creep.

But I digress–mostly, I wanted to note the rapidity with which the story–or perhaps I should say the narrative–of Gustav has disappeared from the national media’s radar screen. And, from the looks of it, it seems to have disappeared because, well, it didn’t follow the script.

No, New Orleans didn’t drown–thank heavens–however, the floodwall along the Industrial Canal was overtopped…by surge from a Category 2 hurricane that missed the city (though NOLA was on the northeast, or bad, side of the storm, which definitely affected local conditions.) Once it became clear that New Orleans didn’t drown, well…so much for what actually happened. Instead, the media skittered about looking for a new shiny object, which as best as I can tell is this week’s GOP convention, back ON script following a Monday evening show of concern, which seemed to be more ‘contractual obligation’ in spirit than anything else.

I guess the show’s over…for everyone else. But, for those who might be concerned, here are some examples (photoshere, here, andhere, storieshere andhere, plus don’t forget First Draft’s blogroll) of what we’re dealing with in the aftermath of what was maybe not The Big One, but was the Plenty Big Enough One.

No, it’s not as bad as what happened in 2005, but I’d like to think that underscores just how bad it WAS three years ago as opposed to how easy we’ve got it in 2008.

That said, and while, yeah, I’m carping a bit (c’mon, it’s hot, humid, and there’s no electricity) I nonetheless still take some comfort in the fact that this is still quite fleeting and temporary compared to what New Orleans went through and is still going through…or what Baghdad experiences daily thanks to George W. Bush’s military intelligence. No, I don’t have electricity (I’m posting from work, which has generator power, although the cooling is reserved for the equipment), but I’ve got my little house, which only lost a few roof shingles…I’ve still got food, and was able to obtain some ice. Maybe by the weekend things will return to a semblence of normal.

And I would’ve far more preferred carping about Sarah Palin’s speech, to be honest…

7 thoughts on “Second City Blues

  1. Michael F – Right On.
    Gustav was a cat 2 when it hit. The numbers from NOLA don’t look that bad. Yet Chimpy is chortling about how he has personally led NOLA into the light of greater day.
    In short, I survived a rainstorm last night (1 inch over 12 hours) therefore I am the victor of the World and turn Cat 5s with my bare hands.

  2. sorry things are bad down in the big easy, a city the skippy’s luv…
    but i just want to ask, if you don’t have electricity, how the heck are you blogging?

  3. From what I’m hearing from family in Baton Rouge, Gustav did a lot more felling of trees and wind damage than did Katrina or Rita. Of course my “Red Stick” family also grinds their teeth as the first wave of responders immediately headed off to New Orleans but I’m sure that DEMCO, Entergy and the other electricity and natural gas suppliers will be out in force in Baton Rouge soon.

  4. Thanks for reminding us.
    In your opinion, what is most needed from those of us (I’m talking blogosphere, not network media) outside of NOLA?
    What are the stories we need to be telling?
    Do we need to send specific items?
    Is the best thing we can do to simply amplify what we see/hear you all doing?
    I know quite a few of us are more than willing to do what we can.

  5. Skippy–I’m posting from work. We’ve got generator power here, but it’s limited. For example: the equipment is being kept cold with dedicated a/c units, but here on the cube farm it’s fans only.
    As far as supplies, etc., I think what we really need is restoration of electrical power (like I said, for once, Chimpy got it right…guess the law of averages finally caught up.) I’m ok, just uncomfortable. What’s worrysome are the numbers of people who might be elderly or ill: without refrigeration, medicines can go bad, without air conditioning, health conditions can be adversely affected.
    More than anything, though, maybe it just needs to be publicized that while Gustav didn’t drown a city, it was still a major storm. That was the point I hopefully made.

  6. Regarding the drivers C.P.C which is coming into force September 2009. It seems to me that this is nothing more than another cost to the driving industry, have we not taken on enough with 48 working time directive,new health and safety,new drivers laws,new tacho laws,drivers cards or (SMART CARDS) which again all costs now this accept this one is going to cost you as well, yes 35 hours in a 5 year period that’s around 7 hours a year, a figure yet to be settled by the government,and yes you can bet your bottom dollar that’s not going to be cheap also this is going to put off new drivers thinking of making a carrier out of driving YES people those days of drivers being ten a penny now you need a degree in motoring and a wage to match so you can keep giving your money to the government so they can bring in more people to think up new stuff to charge us for.
    Ow by the way new L.G.V and P.S.V. drivers on or after September next year will have to attend there fist 7 hours of the C.P.C before they can even go out on the road, the only good saving is I think that people at the age of 60 or above will not have to do it because as I said its 35 hours in a 5 year period so great for them, or did I just give it away maybe the government forgot that one “don’t think so do you”

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