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Can somebody please get these people away from the Internet before they hurt themselves?

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Gov. Sarah Palin sent e-mails to the state’s top police official, criticizing Alaska State Troopers for their investigation of an officer who went through a bitter divorce with her sister, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

Former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan showed copies of the e-mails to The Washington Post. He didn’t provide copies to the newspaper, but said he has turned copies over to an investigator probing the firing for the Legislature.

Monegan has said he felt pressured by Palin family members and her administration to fire Trooper Mike Wooten, whom they say threatened to kill Palin’s father, among other accusations, all taking place before she became governor. Monegan was fired by Palin in July.

The Post reported on its Web site that the e-mails were sent fromPalin’s personal Yahoo account. In one, dated Feb. 7, 2007, it says of the investigation of Wooten: “This trooper is still out on the street, in fact he’s been promoted.”

Who does this? Seriously, who in 20effing06 doesn’t know that e-mails can be found and read by anyone ever? Also, I mean, I have a Yahoo account. But I’m a chick with a web site, not the GOVERNOR OF ALASKA. People of the great north state, can you not spring for an AOL account for her or something? A quality sockpuppet? Good Lord.


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  1. I’m wondering if they’re aware that since Palin is now part of a potential American executive administration that all of these records are likely able to be subpoenaed by the general public from Yahoo? And delivered to said public?
    Actually I’d like to see the raw data pulled up on this, including headers that would include the X-Originating-IP header that would tie it back to the sending IP, which would likely be most damning of all. If she was using this using government property…
    …well…that’s a no-no.
    Her daughters activities may not be fair game for the Obama camp. But misuse of state resources? Corruption? State resources used to attack people personally?
    Thats another issue entirely.

  2. I read the yahoo account use another way – she new enough to know an email from her official account would be archived – so, this has the added bonus of a (piss poor) attempt to hide the email.

  3. From the accounts of Alaskan bloggers she’s petty, vindictive, very sneaky, and self-serving. She fits right in. Outsider, my ass.
    Isn’t somebody saying she’s heading back to Alaska after the convention? Expect her to say she needs to spend more time with the family.
    Please forgive me for suggesting this, but Alaskan tongues are still wagging over all the baby blather – they don’t think that story’s over yet. And apparently Track and a couple of his buds got arrested for vandalizing some school buses (yes, Wooten was one of the arresting officers) and supposedly worked out a deal with the Army in lieu of jail time. Or so it is being reported. God bless The National Enquirer [this time].

  4. Yanno, it’s almost impossible to get out a wartime incumbent. George W. Bush knew this. It probably explains why he went into a war so early on. Now the game is different. Georges time is up. Now we have McCain attempting to fill his partys place. But is a candidate who’s primary stance is more war going to be enough to win him the presidency?
    Lets look at an unlikely historical source. George McGovern in 1972.
    George McGovern was the Democratic party leader then. He was vilified by the Republican party, supported by union workers, and had, at the time of the 1972 Democratic National Convention in Miami Florida, a 62% lead in the polls against Nixon. He was a rising star due to a variety of factor on the morning of Thursday, July 13th 1972. He seemed to be a sure win.
    He then blew the campaign with a series of screwups. Within hours, the VP was decided to be a disaster. Thomas Eagleton, it turned out had received shock therapy in years prior. He tacked this up to “nervous exhaustion”. The Nixon camp was elated.
    In years past, and since, there seems to be established rules regarding devastating attacks on candidates for both parties. As if there were ground-rules laid down in some murky, hidden back room where rules for the country are made, far away from the eyes of the rest of the unsuspecting country.
    Republicans are attacked for their failed policies.
    Democrats are attacked for their failed personal lives.
    It is not very often these two boundaries are crossed. I can count on my hand the times they have happened in the past 10 years, with the majority of infractions made by Republicans screwing up. Cheating on spouses. Foot tapping in bathrooms. Inappropriate remarks at public dinners.
    But it would seem now, the lines are blurring. While traditionally, the Democratic party has been seen as the White Knight of policies, coming in to fix all that ills the nation, their policies have become increasingly under attack by an opposing party – and populace – that has become exponentially brutish and stupid. Instead of the Kennedy-esque attacks of nailing the mistress, getting a BJ on the QT, or the occasional Dirty Sanchez from the night janitor, Democrats are now being attacked for their policies. Republicans are no longer willing to stand by and say that diplomicy works. They’re unashamed. This is their hour; their fourth reich.
    Democrats are in the same boat. Republicans, are no longer content to simply smear their opposing party for mucking about. Realizing that in a decaying christian moral society, philandering, while newsworthy to those tabloids who publish so much of it, is no longer enough to be able to derail a campaign.
    Perhaps it is more effective to whip up public loathing of an unseen, sometimes unnamed enemy. To call those who dissent unpatriotic. To turn the scope of that powerful gun against ourselves to see if we’ll actually fire.
    Barak Obama has taken a bold, but possibly foolish stance to fire any staffer who uses the recent pregnancy of Bristol Palins pregnancy as political fodder. Palin, despite reports, failed to tell the McCain campaign on her final interview on Wednesday that Bristol was pregnant.
    We’ll see which of these blunders leads to disaster for either campaign.

  5. God, why can’t people just do all their evil plotting face-to-face like in the old days? I mean, we’re talking about Alaska here – there’s no shortage of remote places to meet and plan new skullduggery. Then again, I’m hopelessly old school.
    supposedly worked out a deal with the Army in lieu of jail time.
    The guy would rather go to Iraq than prison? Alaska prison must befucked up.
    Either that, or Palin is way scarier than we’re giving her credit for.

  6. God, why can’t people just do all their evil plotting face-to-face like in the old days? I mean, we’re talking about Alaska here – there’s no shortage of remote places to meet and plan new skullduggery. Then again, I’m hopelessly old school.
    supposedly worked out a deal with the Army in lieu of jail time.
    The guy would rather go to Iraq than prison? Alaska prison must befucked up.
    Either that, or Palin is way scarier than we’re giving her credit for.

  7. Pompeo, I don’t see Obama’s decision as a blunder at all. Let’s say Obama or his people do go after Bristol Palin–what’s the upside? What do they get out of it that they aren’t already getting from the storm of media coverage surrounding it? But the downside of such attacks are enormous.
    No, I think Obama’s playing this one exactly right. Let Palin sink herself and John McCain with her. She’s doing an admirable job of that all by her lipsticked self.
    As for the rest of your post, I offer this: in Colorado, Marilyn Musgrave is spiraling down in the polls. Her opponent, Betsy Markey, has yet to air a single ad, positive or negative. But Musgrave is getting hammered by the latest VoteVets ad, and it has her whining.
    My point? Markey hasn’t had to do a thing. She comes out of this on the moral high ground, and Musgrave’s still losing. Why? My strong sense of this race is that people in Colorado have finally figured out that Musgrave has done squat for us. The VoteVets ad is about Musgrave’s policies. Period. And it’s working. Musgrave’s wrapping herself in the flag last time around may have saved her (just barely), but that was then. That sort of thing just isn’t working anymore.

  8. Oh, I’m not saying Obamas VP pick is a blunder – quite the opposite. McCain draws a closer parallel. However, it just goes to show us how even one seemingly insignificant detail can ruin a campaign.

  9. The rarely discussed problem facing us now is that McCain starts off with almost enough electoral college votes to win – the deep south plus a few of the cow populated western states. Add to that the states where just enough voters can’t stomach one of “them” being president, and a couple of states where the reported vote totals are largely fictional, and McCain wins. The task facing us is extremely difficult. Our real hope is that McCain’s stupidity, stubbornness, volcanic temper, senility, etc. will finally sink him in spite of his electoral advantages. Sarah is one big step in that direction. His refusal to allow reporters to question either him or Sarah may be another step.

  10. Although she is a soulmate of McCain, at least she knows how to send an email. But as noted above, she still is somewhat illiterate if she doesn’t know that emails can be traced.

  11. I read this a little differently: that she used a Yahoo account so it would be from private citizen Palin rather than Gov. Palin. I saw a quote from her today along those lines, where she was saying that Monegan was speaking to her as “Sarah,” that is, as a private person.
    To me, it’s a distinction with no difference at all: she can’t simply not be the governor when she doesn’t feel like it, particularly as she had access to Monegan that most private citizens couldn’t dream of.
    She’s certainly has made her Rethug bones. She fits right in.

  12. joejoejoe – I followed your link. And either my browser is broken or someone doesn’t know how to crop a photo.

  13. I’d just like to say, from my point of view, AOL users are a couple of rungs below Yahoo accounts, even if it does have the cachet of being a paid-for service.
    Elitists! 😉

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