As Long as I’m Telling You How to Spend Your Money…

Don’t let those coy looks fool you. These are some tooth-chippers.

Say say, people in the Madison area. Have some extra money laying around that you don’t know what to do with? Well, let me tell you. First, hit the link for our tip jar. Now that I’m through begging, there’s something a lot more fun that I get to tell you about.

Guess what happens next month?

Derby in Dairyland, that’s what!

Madison’s ownMad Rollin’ Dolls will be hosting the 2008 Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Eastern Regional Tournament. This three-day bonanza of ass-kicking goodness on wheels lasts from the tenth to the twelfth of October. It’ll be at the Alliant Energy Center, sobuy a ticket! Otherwise, I’m gonna send that goon squad in the picture above to come to your house and kick the crap out of you. Come support theDairyland Dolls, who will be skating against all-star teams from other cities in the Eastern US.

And I should disclose that I’m not getting paid anything for this. The Dolls, like all WFTDA teams, are all-amateur. Proceeds go to expenses and charities. Let me tell you–this shit is awesome. And the after parties are so kick-ass, they’re actually illegal in 22 states and 3 territories. You know, the lame-ass states and territories.

Here’s what you’re missing out on by not coming.


Dolls in action.

That blonde woman facing the camera? That’s Chop Suzzy. She has a black belt in karate. Buy a ticket, or she will whoop your ass.

Buy tickets. Do it! Like I said, I don’t get any money from this, and neither do the skaters. But many of them are my friends, and they love this shit. So let’s fill some seats!

3 thoughts on “As Long as I’m Telling You How to Spend Your Money…

  1. I plan on going with my wife and twin daughters, I love the Mad Rolling Dolls! I wish they’d have another outdoor bout like they did two years ago. It was too bad it was rainy and the track continually had to be wiped down.

  2. We went to the Flat Track Derby Association Eastern Regional Tournament last year in scenic Columbus, Ohio. It was a great time (yeah OHRG!). I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. Derby kicks ass.

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