Good Christ.

A fairly major point: The fact that it was supposed to have been Walter Reed Army Medical Center? That McCain would ACTUALLY have been speaking in front of a CGI backdrop of wounded veterans? Isfucking disgusting. Better that he win on the backs of some middle school kids than he electioneer in front of the place where his party’s mendacity sent so many of our soldiers. If it really was a screwup, color me relieved.

As I say about so many stupid Republican tricks these days, the truth doesn’t make it better, it makes it WORSE.


12 thoughts on “Gross

  1. Abso-fuckin’-lutely. Add to that the fact that they actually used footage of one of the planes hitting the WTC on 9/11, and it really gets monstrous.
    I sing in a chorus, and we have competitions every year. One of the rules of the competition is that you cannot sing songs that are a) patriotic or b) religious. Obviously, our organization recognizes that no judge wants to be put in the position of calling a performance of a patriotic song BAD. Nor do you want the audience to clap louder for one performer than another simply because of their song choice.
    Too bad the Republicans don’t have such high standards. Right now, we’re really only one step away from the “vote for us or the Baby Jesus cries” idea for real.

  2. That said, if the point was to use the footage to stir our heartstrings, what is the message of Walter Reed Middle School? We care about kids suffering with bad lunchroom food?

  3. Where was McCain’s flag pin?
    “John McCain has the flag tatooed on his heart! How dare you question his integrity!”

  4. Two thoughts: 1) Does he really want to pose in front of the Walter Reed medical center, given the problems exposed there? 2) Does he really want to pose in front of Walter Reed given his opposition to benefits for vets?
    Just askin’.

  5. I can’t help but hope that the Walter Reed photo “mix up” was a desperate cry for help from one of his campaign insiders.

  6. Which one of his pool houses?
    BuggyQ: I expect that, if Greek columns meant that Sen. Obama was trying to look like an Olympian god (and, presumably, George W. Bush when he addressed the RNC was going for the Roman emperor look), the “choice” of Walter Reed Middle School was an attempt to make Sen. McCain look young, adolescent even.
    From what we’ve heard of McCain’s youth, this is troubling indeed!

  7. Daily Show had Stewart mocking their backdrops. As one of the featured guests said we have victory in Iraq, the photo background changed to a graveyard.
    Worse, I think this looks like it actually happened. In which case, how can satire top reality?

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