One thought on “Happy Obama Photo

  1. Obama is doing fine. He’s got a 3-to-1 advantage in field offices and my retired Mom (an i-dotting & t-crossing former nursing administrator) reports that her volunteer orientation at the local Obama HQ was the best organized meeting she’s ever been to. The themes of the orientation:
    1) no drama
    2) no lone wolf volunteers, no bossy volunteers
    3) repect, empower, include
    4) volunteers are only about providing information on how to vote and identifying possible Obama voters
    5) all discussions of policy go through the campaign, a voter who wants to discuss issue XYZ with a volunteer will be contacted within 24 hours by an Obama representive
    Obama has far more ground resources deployed in states with early voting and stands to reap the benefits of his long-term strategy. Colorado is a tossup state with early voting and Obama has 10 field offices to McCain’s one. Ten well run field offices with interconnected deep databases.
    It’s easy to focus on Caribou Barbie or the latest McCain ad but the reality is Obama is running a highly competent unsexy campaign. People want sexy, they should touch themselves. If you want to beat McCain, go volunteer.

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