Sweet Corn-Battered-and-Fried Jesus

Come on, man.

I guess thirty years of systematically de-funding public education has paid off, huh?

But there are larger issues here. What happens when this guy asks for God to bless “Ameirca”? I mean, won’t that result in some misplaced blessings? And what if those blessings were just enough to put us over the top for the Rapture? 

We’d be doomed.Doomed!

Clearly, we cannot allow these moron-Americans to go about, willy-nilly, securing God’s blessings for countries that do not exist. Oh, no. I mean, what with all the taxes and gay marriage and abortion and evil-lution, those blessings are the only things standing between us and some Old Testament-style smotings. 

Republicans: Endangering us all with poor spelling.

9 thoughts on “Sweet Corn-Battered-and-Fried Jesus

  1. Having been raised by a stellar secretary, being able to spell correctly is one of the things I practically go over-the-top OCD about, and incorrect spelling tends to send me over the edge (yeah, I am weird, duh!). The upshot is I have developed a warm-fuzzy pocket of tolerance for LOLspeak-related imagery. It makes me laugh (or maybe it’s the anthropomorphosizing of “teh kiddenz” and “goggies”?) and relax. When the “hooman” subjects such as evidenced above are publicly declaring their stupidity in a bitterly poignant bout of dramatic irony – I just want to kill…or at least bitch slap folks into next week.
    Please donate heavily to the “Sign-Painter’s Disease Coalition” – they need your help. 😉

  2. A, whoever it was, they are obvy an edjewcayshunal mavurrick!
    Just remember this if you think “ameirica” is so great under the Rethugs, the words of C+ Augustus: “Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning.”
    (my head is beating against my worksurface now…as the pain ebbs and unconsciousness nears…it doesn’t seem so bad…)

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