Can We Talk About Standards?

The Internet is the Wild West! There are NO RULES! It’s ANARCHY! Oh God, oh God, we’re all going to BLOG!

The editorial concludes, “It is the opinion of the owners of KSTP that we owe a debt of gratitude to all police officers on duty during the Republican National Convention.”

It’s certainly not out-of-bounds to praise police; even some reporters and photographers who were arrested last week told me they basically agree. (Of course, other journalists cite incidents that raise questions about this evaluation.)

However, two things are worth noting — one of which KSTP had a duty to disclose, and the other a bit of valuable context.

First, the context: KSTP was the only major Twin Cities TV station that didn’t have a staff member arrested covering the demonstrations, according to an assignment desk staffer this afternoon. That might’ve altered the Channel 5 staff’s perspective.

Second, the must-do: KSTP’s owner, Hubbard Broadcasting Inc., was an RNC Host Committee sponsor and HBI patriarch Stanley Hubbard is on the Host Committee’s executive board.

Said it before, I’ll say it again: You can make a rules committee for bloggers when you get done applying one to the TV guys.

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4 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Standards?

  1. Damn, A.
    I wish you would ignore stories like that so we can get back to killing journalism like we’re supposed to do.

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    Just think out loud. Keep up the good work.

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