Deservedly so…

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., was virtually shunned by other
Democrats when he returned to the Senate Monday, fueling increased
speculation that his days as chairman of the Homeland Security and
Governmental Affairs Committee, and perhaps as a member of the
Democratic Caucus, are numbered.

Lieberman’s speech at the Republican National Convention last week,
delivered to a national television audience in support of Republican
presidential nominee Sen. John McCain of Arizona, appears to have been
the last straw for many Senate Democrats, as members and staff who
previously avoided publicly criticizing the senator on Monday showed a
new willingness to condemn his conduct.

The article outlines why no decision on Joe’s future with the Democrats will likely be made until after the election.

13 thoughts on “Shunned

  1. I’d compare him to Ephialtes, Marcus Junius Brutus, Benedict Arnold, and Vidkun Quisling, but Holy Joe won’t even be remembered in history.
    Suck on that, douchebag.

  2. I’m done sticking pins in my Lieberman doll. I’m hear to say to ‘I told you so’ to all the Democratic jackholes in the US Senate who continued to endorse Lieberman EVEN AFTER THE DEMOCRATIC VOTERS OF CONNECTICUT DECIDED OTHERWISE. Tom Carper, Ken Salazar, Mary Landrieu, & Mark Pryor all demonstrated their crap judgement in backing Lieberman as an independent.

  3. I would absolutely say that the Democrats wont make any decision on Joe until after the election. Democrats need to make sure that they have 50 Democratic Senators (and their one Socialist) to make sure they have control of the Senate without Joe before making and brash decisions. For now, we have to put up with him.

  4. I second joejoejoe’s “I told you so,” especially to Ken Salazar, who I fucking told so at the time. I have the form letter response to prove it.
    As for JoeLie, what the hell did he think was going to happen? Srsly, this guy is dumb as a fucking post. Nobody likes a snitch, a weasle, a yes-man, a sycophant, a fair-weather-friend. All of which terms are far too good for the likes of Joe Lieberman.

  5. The 50% mark is BS, it takes 60% to get anything done in the Senate (as we have learned)they should have dumped Joe-mentum when he lost the primary. His voting record would be exactly the same either way.

  6. The 60% mark is unrealistic. Novel goal, would love to see it happen, but it wont.
    I just want to be sure that Democrats will have control of the Senate before kicking Joe off any committees. He could change his mind at any time and give the Senate back to the Republicans for the remainder of the Bush term. Do we really want that?

  7. Eight years from now, it’ll be Joe Biden making that speech at the RNC convention.

  8. Tarring and feathering Holy Joe would do much to sooth my vituperative feelings towards that turncoat.
    Of course, it would be cruel and unusual punishment — for the tar and feathers!

  9. I’ll say it again: If McCain wins he’ll force Palin to resign and appoint Lieberman VP.

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