6 thoughts on “Once More, with Feeling

  1. “All abooooooooooooooarrd! The Idjit Express is leaving the station!!! Allll aaboooooooooooarddd!!!”
    Quick fundies, RUN for it! Run like Harry Potter* runs for Platform 9-3/4! Nevermind that in your religio-nutjob mind that it looks like a solid brick wall – it will get you where you need to be!!! RUNNNNN!!!! (sound of thundering feet, almost-sickening thud and *poof* call the mortuary, we got a pick up!
    (* = NO offense meant for Harry Potter, or his fan base, of which I am one – even if their ‘witchcraft’ isn’t anywhere near what I practice – it’s a fun story and damn, Daniel Radcliffe is scrumptious!)

  2. The illiterati. This might be homage to McCain who graduated 896 out of 899 in a school that he only got into because of his father’s political pull. One begins to understand why they so fear education.

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