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  1. My peeps in Houston are hunkering down. Boarded up and prepared to eat s’mores over the barbecue when it’s all over with.

  2. I am in Dallas… it is just now starting to drive me nuts that I am not there in Houston riding it out with the hospital crew. I seem to have scheduled vacation time for this hurricane event. So it goes.
    I am now pondering a drive around the back side of the hurricane so I can get in as soon as the storm passes. Hopefully my “Essential Personnel” badge will get me through any problem spots.

  3. I am just north of Houston (thank goodness this wasn’t the weekend of the move!!!) in Spring. Am somewhat hunkered down.
    Had momentary issues w/my car that have thankfully been resolved (new battery/90 bucks later). Chilling at my apartment watching the clouds appear, bunch and scatter (repeat). Moisture is beginning to accompany the wind.
    Am doing laundry before power goes out. Then will perform ablutions on my corporeal self, too. And get the tub filled w/flushing water. My Witchy self has plenty of candles (and safe burning surfaces) as well as kick-butt flashlight. Embroidery by candlelight might be groovy! How very Jane Austen-y of me! LOL!
    If the winds start lashing and the rain not so nice, I’ll bundle the felines and pack us all into the car and boogie to mom’s.
    Looking like it will only be a Cat 2, not exactly ‘fine’ but better than the 3 and 4 that had been projected.
    Will check in on Twitter as I can. 🙂

  4. Now Elspeth, the *really* Jane Austen-y thing would be to find a partner and draw silhouettes by candlelight. Soooo romantic…well, as long as the hurricane isn’t blowing things about too much. 😉 But barring the partner, the embroidery sounds fab–I’ll be doing needlepoint tonight and thinking about you.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone in harm’s way. Let’s hope Galveston is still there when this is all over. I read Isaac’s Storm a few years back and developed a healthy respect for what hurricanes can do. Yikes.

  5. Els, you take care, and blessed be.
    The thing is, even Cat 2 is gonna be bad on this one cuz Ike is a massive mofo.
    And I’ll think of you as I do needlepoint as well!

  6. Well, my ladylike modesty is chastened appropriately…but alas, this Regency-dress-owning (made it for a Halloween party a while back – was “Jane ‘the Pain’ Austen – Regency Dominatrix” LOL!) creature hasn’t a suitable partner let alone anyone near proper Darcy status, so unless I give the cats some benadryl, it’s looking like “needlepoint table for one” – but with a goblet of sterner stuff than Madeira. At least a nice Port (mmmm, loves me some Port!), if not the Vermouth, or even Absinthe! My ‘cane provisions were mostly Cosmo mix and ‘Rita mix (Stirrings, of course) as I already possessed the TX-made vodka and the tequila. 😉 A few drinks, I may attempt to fight my way into my 1815-era taffeta (darling!) frock! LOL! A couple more, it may be the Arwen dress! Bah ha ha ha! Good thing I haven’t made the Antebellum patterns yet! Good Gravy Marie! Miss Scarlett!!!
    (no haven’t had a sip yet!)
    Elspeth – giddy on pre-storm jitters

  7. (oh, to clarify – the benadryl for the cats would have been to make them stay still so that I could capture their silhouette…LOL! Afterall, I am NOT a Republican! Bwah ha ha!)

  8. Well, “DUH” Special Reports, it’s been smacking Galveston all day – watch the news much? The waves were b’slapping the seawall even this morning.

  9. It’s going tocome right over me (my location is marked on that map, in the upper right), most probably, but we won’t likely see much out of it other than one hell of a rainstorm and a power failure. I feel sorry for people stuck in it, because they’re saying it’s as near as makes no difference to being a Category 3 storm, and it’s so huge, it’s going to bash the hell out of everything.

  10. Elspeth – you have my vote for the Arwen dress.
    And as fetching as you must look by candlelight, may your outages be few and brief.

  11. Update from Cypress (pron: sigh-press…LOL!) TX:
    Nearby transformer blew around 1:55 a.m.. Our (my folks’) power went out about 20 mins later (diff transf, but I didn’t hear it). Neighbors’ tree twisted and snapped. Maple in folks’ backyard broke in half! Gazebo (luckily a canvas/metal one not an antique) picked up and destroyed! Much of the fence blown down.
    Cars are all in the driveway, lots of light debris, all windows intact, nothing impaled (phew!).
    My goober cats are semi-chill, not happy, but not utterly wigging out.
    Generator is going, fridge and lamp on – and a fan is now engaged.
    OH!!! Dad just gave permission to…OPEN THE BLINDS!!! Y’all don’t know what a landmark decree that is! LOL!!!
    Okay, gonna hibernate this thing for a while and check in later. Unless I can borrow some generator juice to charge it later. Criminy – they are actually going to ditch the fan (and lamp) later to plug in the tv and dish to watch college football?!?! And they will prob give me shit for wanting to plug in my laptop…pry-or-uh-tees…!?!??! Jeeze, damage all around but by Gahd (TM) there WILL be college football…?!?!?!
    Peace, and anyone in Ike’s path – be careful, it’s still a hot mess.

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