Theological Dumbassery

So when aliens probe you, is it still an abomination unto this Lord?

Okay, this is the kind of thing that makes me glad I abandoned church a long time ago.

Let’s see here. According to this priest/astronomer, belief in intelligent beings that are not earthly is not incompatible with belief in the Catholic god.

Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that like saying that belief in god (an intelligent being that is not earthly) is not incompatible with belief in god?

I’m so glad we have Father Funes to clear that up for us.

8 thoughts on “Theological Dumbassery

  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If this debate follows others in the catholic church we will now have a round of encyclicals on whether these hypothetical ET’s have “souls,” have a “different dispensation,” can be welcomed into “grace,” need to “baptize and confess” and finally can serve as priests. You can bet your boots that a hypothetical ET will be granted the right to serve as a priest before a living human woman is.

  2. Although I’m not Catholic, I actually don’t see the problem with what was said. As I understand it, he was saying that the existence of extraterrestrial beings was not incompatible with the existence of God. He wasn’t saying that the ETs were divine.

  3. Right, Frazer.
    I’m saying that the entire religious enterprise (well, from the Big Three monotheistic perpsective, anyway) is predicated on the belief in an extraterrestrial intelligence. They call it Yahweh/God/Allah. So they’re already worshiping one alien–why not throw a few more non-divine ones into the mix?

  4. Jude:
    I could stock a seminary library with books on all you DON’T know about Christian theology.
    God is not extraterrestrial. She is transcendent. He is at home. He creates. We are the ones who go out for a walk.
    All this fellow was saying is that nothing in the Catholic faith precludes one from admitting the possibility of extraterrestrial.

  5. ah correct me if I’m wrong
    but the Catholic Church was here first
    not you protestants
    so haha

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