Fundraising Day Three

If you’ve already contributed, thank you! If not, pleasehit the Tip Jar here.

Seriously, your support means a lot to us. I talk a lot in journalism about where the money goes, what newspaper corporations actually pay for when they tell their reporters there’s no money, and the reason I can talk so much smack is that I’ve see what can be done when people quit taking “no” and “inevitable” for any kind of answers, when they think on their feet about what they actuallywant. Nothing’s impossible, we just have to find a way to get there, and it’s so important that the stories we want, you help us to get.


3 thoughts on “Fundraising Day Three

  1. Iceblue, I don’t have a paypal account either, but they took my credit card when I honored my pledge to double up on my donation once the awesome Sheldon appeared in a Happy Dem Photo.
    Of course, having the Super Seekrit address would make you kewl.

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