One thought on “Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton Talk About Chick Things

  1. Let’s Hear It for the Ladies Who Brought Us the 19th Amendment and the Women’s Vote!
    Senator Clinton and Governor Palin are proof that women can and do diverge on important issues.
    Thanks to the success of the suffragettes, women have voices and choices!
    But most people are totally in the dark about HOW the suffragettes won votes for women, and what life was REALLY like for women before they did.
    “The Privilege of Voting” is an exciting, new FREE e-mail series that reveals ALL that happened to set the stage for women to finally win the vote.
    Powerful suffragettes Alice Paul and Emmeline Pankhurst are featured, along with First Lady Edith Wilson (who opposed votes for women), and TWO gorgeous presidential mistresses.
    It’s shocking, sometimes heartbreaking, very inspiring and ALL true!
    It’s rocky road to the ballot box, but in the end, women WIN! Exciting, sequential episodes with lots of historical photos are great to read on coffeebreaks, or anytime.
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