‘Junior Pulitzer’

Here’s somethingchaps my ass, in an otherwise fine piece on how, yet again, the kids are PWNING the world of journalism while the adults fap around and talk about the Internet:

When student journalists didn’t like the idea of President Lahey controlling the dissemination of campus news last year, they balked. Lahey didn’t want news released online before it appeared in the student newspaper, which is published weekly.

Lahey and the university eventually relented, but things deteriorated from there. When these young writers and editors bolted this year and formed the Quad News, an independent news website, Lahey brought the hammer down.

University staff have been ordered to refuse comment to Quad reporters. This includes sports coaches.


In a media world where news is now up to the minute, these enterprising students formed their own website. Quinnipiac — which calls itself a “university” — responded by trying to shut them down and keep the campus in the 20th century.

These kids shouldn’t be banned; they should be applauded. If there were a junior Pulitzer Prize, the Quad News journalists should be nominated.

Erm. The reason there’s no “Junior Pulitzer” is that college newspapers, like any other newspaper, are eligible for theACTUAL Pulitzer. From the guidelines:

Entries for journalism awards must be made from material published by a United States newspaper—in print or online—that appears daily, Sunday or at least once a week during the calendar year.

Note that it doesn’t say “big newspaper” or “newspaper published by people older than 30” or “newspaper not published from a windowless basement in a building that would have been condemned if the fire marshall wasn’t afraid to walk inside” or any other consideration. It says newspaper. You know what you need to submit to the Pulitzer? Fifty bucks and the willingness to scrapbook your best work into a form. That the winners are usually big papers is a reflection of many things, but not the ages of the journalists.

Maybe Mr. Green could kick in the Ulysses S. Grant necessary to get them there.

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  1. My college paper was daily. The young republicans thougt it was all biased (mainly imho because to be on the team you had to play like a team, show up at meetings, make deadlines, etc…).
    So the young R’s started their own weekly student paper. Nobody stopped them, but nobody read it either.
    (UMass, btw)

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