Weekend Question Thread

Play sports as a kid? If so, what? Do you still play it now?

I played basketball in elementary school. I was tall, so it made sense, but I wasn’t very good at it. These days the closest I get to the court is the occasional Bucks game with the in-laws.


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  1. We played lots of street football and baseball as kids.
    No one played on school teams until high school back in the old days.
    In college I played soccer, in fact the first year our school was a real
    NCAA team, I was on it. Now they win national championships or are at
    least in the top 4 to 8 teams every year. University of Santa Clara Broncos.

  2. Our tiny little high school, total enrollment was about 100, had boys and girls softball, boys basketball and girls volleyball. I was on the softball and basketball teams all four years, being a starter in softball for 3 years, and basketball for 2 years. We always had only an average team in any sport, but we all learned teamwork from that, and I still have pleasant dreams about playing. There aren’t that many teams now for 72 year olds, so I do my playing in my dreams only.

  3. Played a lot of volleyball in seventh and eighth grade, so much I went to a volleyball camp at Rice Unviersity for a week. A stint on the bowling team in high school. And now, I’m considering roller derby, especially since reading Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan’s “Roller Girl”, about her life and times with the Texas Rollergirls’ Hotrod Honeys. The problem is the injury susceptibility factor: as the primary caregiver for my kindergarten-age son, I can’t afford to have a major injury from antics on the flat track, no matter how much fun.
    Anybody wanna do some major babysitting in New Orleans while I at least try out?

  4. As a kid, street football in the fall and winter, baseball in the spring and summer.
    I used to play catcher. Not that bright, when you don’t have a chest protector or face mask.
    In high school, I played a lot of pickup basketball. I was too small to post up, but I was a damn good passer/perimeter shooter.
    But on organized teams? Nah. I didn’t participate in any organized, uniformed activity until I signed up to be Uncle Sam’s bitch.

  5. i played ‘tennis’ in the alley against the garage. alley baseball. tag. i could throw and catch a football. blah blah blah. ran like a athlete, even if not fast or far.

  6. Considering that I’m not evenfrickin able-bodied, I know how to play an embarrassing number of sports. In elementary school, I was on the intramural softball and volleyball teams, always had to do that bloody Participaction thing (which involved a series of essentially pointless activities aimed at measuring youth fitness in Canada), rode horseback for 20 years, did downhill skiing religiously every winter for about the same length of time, swam every summer (I still do that from time to time), and I used to run the 1000m noncompetitively. My doctor says I shouldn’t run anymore, so now I’m down to distance walking, using the cardio machines and the pool at the gym, and lifting weights. Ireally like lifting weights. I also have archery equipment, but I don’t really have anywhere to practice.

  7. I was a decent catcher in Little League until I quit to play keeper in soccer full time through high school, then a bit of men’s league soccer where I torn ligiments in my ankle which never really healed right. I was never fast to begin with but now I’m about as fast on my feet as Hans Moleman.

  8. I’m right there with interrobang – born with a bum hip, but I went to a private school from k-9 where your only excuse for getting out of playing on one of the teams was epilepsy (really – only Heather Greenlaw was given a pass).
    So that meant I played on the volleyball, basketball, softball and tennis teams, always fourth string. I was so relieved when my folks finally gave up on the private school thing and I went to Manatee High, where with 2,000 students and a sports-before-academics mentality, I was blissfully unqualified.
    Now it’s just tae kwan do twice a week, and the occasional game of arcade basketball…

  9. I played LOTS of sports as a kid, and up through high school (pretty much everything except organized American rules football.) I was a big kid who went to a small school, so it was pretty easy to make the various teams.
    Up in Madison, I played basketball in the park for exercise–the regulars nicknamed me “Vlade,” after the Serbian basketball player, for obvious reasons (tall slow white guy without much vertical.)
    These days I play tennis, strictly for exercise, although my older brother is a tennis instructor for the city of Baton Rouge parks and recreation department (and is a VERY good player.)

  10. I played soccer extensively through high school and briefly in college. By extensively, I mean both outdoor and indoor versions, and fall and spring seasons (the club I played with did both on occasion).
    I don’t play now, partly because it’s just hard to find a place to play when you’re my age, but mainly because both my knees and my hands couldn’t take it any more.
    Hands, you say? But this is soccer? Yep, I’m a goalie. And I have the joints to prove it. Dislocated thumb from getting kicked in an indoor soccer game, and more jammed fingers than I care to remember. Indoor is hell on the knees, too.
    Oh, the other reason I don’t play any more? I’m too damned short. It’s all well and good to be vertically challenged when you’re surrounded by others equally challenged, but by late high school, everybody shot up a foot, and I remained mired at 5’2″. Not conducive to a successful college career as a goalkeeper, no matter how ninja-like your reflexes are.
    I shoulda tried hockey.

  11. In eighth grade I had a gym teacher that put me on the track team. Up until then (I was a boarding school brat) I had been a soccer player. I’ll never forget the first day I went to Track and the coach said to me “run around the track for a while, I’ll tell you when to stop”
    He remembered about me 70 minutes later.
    I quickly became a long distance runner, and for the next 37 years, until three years ago, I ran about 24-30 miles a week (cross country-outdoors) in all kinds of weather. I LOVE to run.
    And starting in High School I downhill skied every day. Still do that on occasion…heh, don’t hunt as many bumps as I used to though.
    BUt, now at 52, I have eased out of it and row. (the best thing about rowing? NO HILLS)…I now row about 50K a week. Keeps my head from exploding.

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