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Mr. McCain seems to have supported Mr. Bush, mostly out of instinct, and when a reporter asked him this spring whether American aid should finance contraceptives to fight AIDS in Africa, he initially said, “I haven’t thought about it,” and later added, “You’ve stumped me.”

Retrograde decisions on reproductive health are reached in conference rooms in Washington, but I’ve seen how they play out in African villages. A young woman lies in a hut, bleeding to death or swollen by infection, as untrained midwives offer her water or herbs. Her husband and children wait anxiously outside the hut, their faces frozen and perspiring as her groans weaken.

When she dies, her body is bundled in an old blanket and buried in a shallow hole, with brush piled on top to keep wild animals away. Her children sob and shriek and in the ensuing months they often endure neglect and are far more likely to die of hunger or disease.

In some parts of Africa, a woman now has a 1-in-10 risk of dying in childbirth. The idea that U.S. policy may increase that toll is infuriating.

Stumped him. Well, I don’t know, Johnny, why don’t you take a second and figure it out? Take all the time you need. Use your fingers and count up how many women you’d like to see die in childbirth today. Go slowly. We wouldn’t want to rush you.

I swear to God I’ve realized the thing that drives me the most nuts about anybody, anywhere, is smug condescension. The assumption that you, in your comfortable life, in your seven houses, are okay, so how can anybody else have a problem, and if we dare to ask you about it, you admit it never even crosses your mindso fuck it, why bother? You’ve got to be kidding me. Please tell me you’re kidding me, I mean, how hard is this, to come up with something?


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  1. Yeah, but you’re talking about two things that McCain hates — women and brown people.
    Can’t expect him to get worked up about saving the lives of people he hates…

  2. It’s one thing for somebody like me, who’s just a schmo doing a 9-5 job, to not know about stuff like this. I do, but I know a lot of people who don’t.
    But IT’S NOT THEIR FUCKING JOB TO KNOW! It IS John McCain’s job, at least if he intends to, you know, be president and all. Jesus. It really is just vanity for him, isn’t it? Daddy didn’t pay enough attention to him, so he’s going to become president, and fuck all to anything else.
    He is Dubya, just more stupid and unstable. I mean, at least Dubya had Condi Rice to tell him stuff he needed to know. Who’s McCain got? Randy Scheunemann?
    It’s a good thing I’m in a positition, FINALLY, to make a donation to Obama. I want him to CRUSH McCain in this election.

  3. It’s also particularly astounding given that Cindy McCain founded and ran her own volunteer medical organization dedicated to bringing medical care to third world countries.

  4. Any chance some reporter could go up to McCain and ask the same question?
    Can see him giving the same response followed by the tagline: Didn’t know about it then. Still doesn’t know.

  5. To give him his due, he did adopt a child from a third-world country. Although you would think this would make him more aware of the problem, rather than less…

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