10 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo

  1. Wow. I know that look so well. Its the daughter’s laugh of pure delight at being with her daddy. My nine year old wears it too. Its just a joy to see.

  2. guess my paternal unit didn’t care to see me that way. but his father did, and grandpa was awesome.
    obama’s grandma is ill. prayer time.

  3. My heart goes out to him and his family in this difficult time. Blessings that if she is to pass, it is peaceful and that she knows she is surrounded with love. Cheers to her that she raised a helluva grandson that we may all be proud to be led by.

  4. By coincidence, the LA Times today (Sunday?) had a sort-of quiz about Presidents (average height, number married more than once, etc.).
    The note on one of the questions was that for 24 of the 42 Presidents, both parents had died by the time of their inauguration, and that would be true of Obama as well. But it added that he would become the first President with a living grandparent.
    Here’s hoping they both make it to that ‘first’.

  5. Amen to that, Robert. Amen to that.
    And that pic was my favorite on the Yes We Can Babies site.
    BTW, wish me luck this morning! I’m going to go stand on line to see Joey the Shark! I took the day off work so I could. Hopefully this is a good omen: the last time I saw a candidate for VP was Al Gore in 1992. That election turned out kinda good, as I recall.

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