Say “I Don’t” to Prop 8

Now is the time to donate. Let your support be known.

Show your support for thefight against Prop 8 by grabbing the code for this or one of the other awesomely funky shots of legally wedded bliss over atLooky, Daddy. Remember, this isn’t just about California. If Proposition 8 passes, it will be a setback in the fight for marriage equality nationwide.

3 thoughts on “Say “I Don’t” to Prop 8

  1. pansypoo says:

    ok, i am SERIOUSLY not gay. i iz a kool & the gang free zone.


  2. Interrobang says:

    Thanks! I went over there to look at the rest of the pictures, and found he’s got an image of a 1920s newspaper he found with an article about a woodburning car. I told him I’d pay him money for a scan and that he should get in touch with me if he’s interested.


  3. joejoejoe says:

    There is a constitutional amendment (Amendment 2) on the Florida ballot stating marriage is solely between a man and a woman that is in many ways worse than the CA measure. Maybe it doesn’t get the coverage because it takes 60% to pass.


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