Wisconsin is looking at Democratic control of state government:

With anxiety high over the economy and Barack Obama leading state
presidential polls by a healthy margin, there’s a good chance voters
will hand Democrats full control of state government for the first time
in more than two decades.

Republicans hold a slim 51-47
advantage in the Assembly, with one independent. But even the chamber’s
leader says GOP control is tenuous heading into Tuesday’s election.


Democratic control of the Assembly would give the party a freer hand to
enact laws next year that Republicans might otherwise block. Gov. Jim
Doyle, a Democrat, doesn’t face re-election this year, and Democrats
control the Senate by a 17-14 margin with two vacancies and are
expected to retain the majority.


Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, who is overseeing the Assembly Democrats’
election effort, expects Democrats to pick up at least five seats, and
the majority, because he said voters trust the party more on issues
like the economy and health care

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