5 thoughts on “Need A Reason To Feel Good About Voting Against McCain/Palin?

  1. Yeah, the noise of a needle being dragged across a record sounded in my head when I read that bit…”constitution PREACHES”?!?!?!? WTF!??!

  2. Taaaahhd’s such an Alaskan Minority he even wants Alaska itself to be a minority – and secede…tell me there’s NO conflict of interest there…!?!??!

  3. Even if she meant to say the Constitution “teaches,” she was wrong. But “preaches”?
    And you’ll notice she never answered the question, just gave part of a slogan and then referred to her husband and moved on.

  4. OK, I get that there is a stated 1/8 eskimo blood in Todd Palin. But looking at him, I don’t especially notice that (and unlike Colbert, I do see color ;-).
    But to compare that to the African American discrimination????????
    Could we post that on BET for broadcast tonight?

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