Republicans Need Your Help

You would think they’d have learned. Every time these people get near the Internet, stupid ensues. And not just regular stupid. The kind of stupid that, say, allows you to make your own campaign posters, with your own slogans, and doesn’t filter out “motherfucker” or “beagle-humping.” The kind of stupid that says, “Let’s ask the ENTIRE WORLD WIDE WEB what it thinks we should do better.”

Is it any surprise this is the very first response:

Give all Red Blooded Americans a pair of Truck Nuts for their F150’s!

Though personally I think this is more likely to be effective:

Hire more ninjas.

Via ONTD_Political, from which all LOLs come lately.


10 thoughts on “Republicans Need Your Help

  1. I think they should all go out of their way to actually meet an actual Muslim, so they can replace the straw-man Muslims they’ve been railing about for years.
    If the angriesty among them happen to meet an extremist Muslim, they may just be amazed by how much they have in common. Fear, hatred, weaponry, misogyny, cognitive dissonance, and a desire to bring the world back to (at least) the 14th century.
    The only public institution that forgives (encourages?) ignorance on such a large scale is called a church (or a synagogue, or a mosque, or whichever).

  2. Really. If you have to hang a pair from the back of your truck, odds are pretty good you don’t have any.

  3. Paula – EXACTLY! I live in Houston and it disgusts me EVERY time I see a pair. (not that I am anti-balls, but it’s the ignorance and overwhelming machismo on display, THAT’s what makes me want to carry a cutting torch rig w/me…)
    Bunch of penis-wrinkles, THAT’S what those “guys” are.
    I guess we wild women should hang a sculpted bronze uterus (complete w/ovaries/fallopian tubes) from our bumpers? Or a weather-proof vagina? I mean, c’mon…if the balls are okay, why not equal time for our regenerative inner-workings?

  4. hey, athenae!
    check this out:

    “The SciFi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica will be holding multiple auctions to sell off props and costumes. The first auction will be Jan. 16-18, with a print and online catalogs coming out in December; the second will be in April, catalogs at a future date. The auction site is the Pasadena Convention Center but they will be offering Internet bidding, with live Internet broadcasting, and will handle world-wide shipping at extra cost. These auction are for the key items on the show such as Adama’s lighter, Arrow of Athena, and maybe even a Viper. During the final ten weeks of the show they will be holding Internet auctions on items of lesser importance (and price). Until the auction begins, they are highlighting items as they catalog them and posting them on the website where you can subscribe to receive notifications by RSS feed or email. So far the posts have been interesting, with pictures of the items, screenshots of the item in the show, a history of the item, and how it was made.”

  5. I hope the two responses you cited are facetious. Although with repubs, I can see some offering them as serious.
    Oh, as for the truck decorations, imagine someone with the class to hang them from a Humvee. Classy, huh?

  6. Obviously, that phenomenon born of FAIL has now reached Chicago.
    Where’s John Ashcroft’s curtain when we need it?
    (If you really hate them, carry hot pink spray paint … apply liberally.)

  7. There were some dedicated left-wing trolls (not even attempting to hide their usernames) on there the first couple of days last week (after Atrios linked to it mockingly)… then there were a tiny handful of people attempting to be reasonable in the face of the Erick the RedState ARGL BLARGL BOOGA BOOGA patented crazy.
    Then the Ron Paul Revolution found them. Lulz have ensued.

  8. Of course my personal favorite items over there are:
    “accepted ideas: No ideas”
    “completed ideas: No ideas”
    What, you mean whack-job douchebaggery can’t even reach an accord with itself? Maybe you shouldn’t have the guy who promised a pogrom on the anti-Palin elements of the party running the show over there.

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