4 thoughts on “Waste Some Time Today

  1. Oooh – I love Nintendo.
    But the drop in productivity brings up a question I have about the currently floating jobs program and other bailouts.
    One approach to jobs is to support the company (whether it deserves it or not). As such, that seems to continue what may be a waning sector of the economy (Amalgamated Buggy Whips).
    One approach is to offer govt supported jobs for the skills (or low skills) people may already have. Similar to the 30s. Digging ditches is at least work. And that work could be applied to infrastructure needs like paving highways.
    But I don’t see where the 2 above approaches point us to the future. I’m wondering why not use the money for schooling and OJT in skills of the future? e.g. let’s upgrade our national computer networking infrastructure. etc.

  2. I only played for a few minutes but the bridge is hilarious. I’m sure there is some very hard Palin monster to defeat at the end.

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