4 thoughts on “Awww

  1. one day, when you least expect it, Athenae, I’m going to remind you that you used an “Awwwwww” in reference to the Bush twins.

  2. The Bush twins may deserve it, this time.
    I think not-Jenna (didn’t she move out after marrying?) and Jenna (didn’t she smack headfirst into reality and wake up a bit?) have managed, all in all, not too badly, particularly during the 2nd term.
    But I confess I’m looking forward to actual, you know, kids in the White House. Been too long (1992-96?)

  3. Nice gesture to be sure. Too bad they couldn’t have been acquainted earlier, Malia could’ve helped the twins get better grades on their homework.
    Finally we have residents of the White House whose IQ’s are higher than the carpet.

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